8. Settings

In the Settings menu, you can customize your account according to your needs. Many options are available, so take the time to go over them. In this chapter, an explaination will be provided on the most common used features:

  • How to configure your signature
  • How to setup your out-of-office message
  • How to add rules to your mailbox


Don’t forget to make your setting permanent by clicking on Apply.

8.1. Set Signatures

The Kopano WebApp is capable of managing multiple signatures and also using distinct signatures for new messages and replies and forwards. You can set signatures as follow:

  1. Click on Mail in the Settings menu
  2. In the section Signatures, Click on New
  3. Set a custom signature name
  4. Compose your signature

Signature Templating allows you to use attributes in your signature. These are fields which corresponds to attributes set on your account. As this functionality depends of the server setting, please refer to your administrator to see if you can use it. If so, the wanted changes can be submitted to him and, once processed, the signature will be updated automatically.

WebApp recognizes an attribute as {%attribute}. The following two subsections list all available ones. Refer to your administrator to know which one can be used. If unused, this attribute will not appear in the signature. An example signature is given here:



8.1.1. General items

The subsection lists all general attributes:


8.1.2. Telephone items

In the case more phone numbers are saved on your account, you can use the following attributes to choose which one will be shown:


8.2. Out of Office

Whenever you go out of office, you might want to notify your colleagues about your absence. The message will be send to every incoming mail directly sent to a user. Hence, no reply will be sent to messages addressed to a distribution list. To avoid spams, the reply will only be send once a day, even if multiple message were sent from a sender. This setting can be changed by your administrator. You can setup your out-of-office message as follow:

  1. Click on Out of Office in the Settings menu
  2. Select I am out of the office from:
  3. Sent dates
  4. Fill in the subject
  5. Compose your message

In version 3.5.10 you can update out of office settings for another user, provided the user has granted you Owner permissions on the Entire Store and the entire store is opened. The inbox also needs to have owner permissions, but this is normally inherited via the top folder. In version 3.5.11 this requirement is lowered to Secretary permissions on the entire store and the entire store should be opened. The inbox requirement described above is no longer needed.


Please refer to your administrator to check if there are any restrictions or guidelines on using the Out of Office functionality.

8.3. Rules

In the Rules section, you can set rules to filter email based on different values. When first opening this setting, a list will be shown with all current rules. Follow these staeps to create a new rule:

  1. Click on the New button above the list.
  2. Set a rule name to recognize your new rule
  3. In the drop-menu under When the message… select the condition(s) for which the rule will be triggered.
  4. In the drop-menu under Do the following… select what WebApp must do
  5. Click on Save

Rule can be edited or deleted using the respective buttons.


Mail filters can be set for another users. Contact your administrator to enable that. Be aware the entire shared store should be opened with Owner permissions. You can find more information in the section Permissions overview in the corresponding chapter.