3. Calendar

In this chapter we explain how to use the Kopano Calendar application. After reading this chapter, you will be able to setup meetings and appointments, work with multiple calendars and share calendars with coworkers.


An appointment is an item in the calendar of a user which is only applicable to him or her. No other participants have been invited. A meeting is an item in the calendar of a user which has more than one participant. As soon as a user invites a coworker and/or schedule a resource with any appointment, it automatically becomes a meeting.

3.1. Creating an appointment/meeting

Adding a new appointment/meeting goes as follow:

  1. Go to the Calendar application.
  2. Select the Appointment button in the Main Toolbar. The “New Appointment” window opens.
  3. Insert a subject for the appointment and optionally a location.
  4. Select a start and end time for the appointment.
  5. Additionally attendees can be added using the Invite Attendees button.


Enabling the reminder option will trigger a reminder pop-up prior to the appointment. The reminder time is adjustable in the field next to the reminder option. When the reminder pops-up you will be able to either Open the item, dismiss it, or Snooze it.

3.2. Accepting a meeting invitation

When invited to a meeting, you will receive a meeting invitation. Four options are available at the top of the invitation:

  • Accept
  • Tentative
  • Decline
  • Propose New Time

The actions for each options is self-explanatory. Using Proposing New Time you can propose a new date or time. The proposal will be sent to the meeting organizer who can either accept or decline it.

3.3. Sharing calendars

You can share your calendar and allow co-workers to create/edit or delete items. It can be done using the same steps as decribed in section Sharing Folders.

3.4. Accessing shared calendars

Provided your colleague granted you permissions to view a calendar, as described in the previous section, you should now be able to add it:

  1. Go to the Calendar application.
  2. Click on Add Shared Calendar
  3. Click on Name to open the Address Book.
  4. Select the user from whom you want the calendar.
  5. Click on Ok