4. Contacts

In this chapter, an explaination will be given on how to use the Contact application. You can acces the application through the main windows or while After reading this chapter, you will be able to create and edit a contact.

4.1. Create a new contact

Adding a new contact happens as follow:

  1. Go to the Contact application.
  2. Click on the New Contact button. An empty Contact form appears.
  3. Fill all relevant information.
  4. Click on Save


With the option Private, the contact can be hidden from colleagues that have access to your Contacts folder. Unless you have given the colleague access to view your private items. More information can be found in chapter Delegates.

4.2. Detailed contacts

Details of the contact can be viewed / changed by opening the contact. Global Address Book contacts cannot only be changed by the administrator.

4.3. Distribution Lists

Sending a mail to a distribution list is done in the same way as sending a mail to a single contact. Select the distribution list from the address list when adding entries to a TO, CC or BCC field. After selecting the distribution list, all mail addresses will be placed in the chosen header field.

A new distribution list can be created as follow:

  1. Select the Contacts folder the new distribution list has to be created in.
  2. In the New button dropdown menu select the option Distribution List. A dialog as shown in “New Distribution list window” will open.
  3. Use the button Select Members to select contacts from the Address Book.


Alternatively, the Add New button can be used to create a new contact that is added to the distribution list immediately.