11. Extending Webapp

The functionality of the WebApp can be extended by using plugins and widgets. In this chapter an explaination will be given on how


Widgets and plugins can only be installed and removed by your administrator. Please contact him if you to use one of the plugins/widgets described below. If the “Today” tab is not visible, your administrator may have it disabled.

11.1. Widgets

Widgets are miniature applications running inside the WebApp. They can be used in the widget sidebar and The Kopano “Today” application. To view the sidebar, either click on the clear area of the widget sidebar for a quick view or click on the arrow to keep the sidebar open.

By default the widget sidebar will be empty. To add widgets:

  1. Make sure the widget sidebar is shown, as described above.
  2. Click the + icon next to the arrow. A popup will appear as shown in “The widget chooser popup window”.
  3. Double-click on the widget that should be added to the widget sidebar. The widget will now be added.
  4. If there are already widgets on the sidebar, the new widget will be added to the bottom. Widgets can be rearranged by clicking on its title bar and moving it to the desired position.

11.2. Plugins

When installed, plugins can be enabled via the plugin tab in the settings dialogue. Check the ones you wish to use and click on Apply.