7. Searching items

This chapter will discuss how to search items in your mailbox. It can be done either using the filters offered by WebApp or using the Keyboard Query Language.

7.2. Advanced search: Keyboard Query Language

Since WebApp 3.5.1, it is possible to search for mails using the Keyboard Query Language, aka KQL. This syntax allows you to refine your searches using keywords and operators. Much like in Basic Search, the Search bar is used for your query.


When using KQL, the Search filters used for Basic Search are disabled.

Type your query as follow to use KQL:


The keyword defines in which part of the item, the search term will be looked for. Put several terms between double brackets, i.e. "search-term1 search-term2", to combine them into one keyword. The order of the terms doesn’t matter. The following keywords are available:

  • TO
  • CC
  • BCC
  • Sender
  • Subject
  • Body
  • Attachment*
  • Category

In case Attachment don’t show any result, check with your Admin if this feature is enabled.


Aside from Sender, you can also use From in WebApp 4.0 or in later versions.

You can combine keywords using operators to refine your query.:

keyword1:first-search-term AND keyword2:second-search-term

The operators you can use are:

  • AND/+
    Items which satisfies both keywords will be shown.
  • OR
    Items satisfying one keyword or the other will be listed.
  • NOT/-
    The following term will be excluded from the results.