Kopano WebApp

Kopano WebApp 3.5

Kopano WebApp

Released 03.12.2019

KW-3218 Open multiple attached emls in tabs
KW-3302 Revert kw-3258: trim unnecessary bin2hex–hex2bin conversion of session data

Kopano WebApp

Released 20.11.2019

KW-2173 Drag and drop mail from public store copies the item
KW-3232 Formatting removed when draft is sent from shared store
KW-3244 Calendar display breaks when switching calendars
KW-3265 Selection changed after delete action
KW-3188 [cc users] set/unset user with icon click instead of context option
KW-3258 Trim unnecessary bin2hex–hex2bin conversion of session data
KW-3259 Do not attempt to open a non-existing public store
KW-3260 Mapisession: do not open store “0”
KW-3268 Show email address in contact card
KW-3272 Clean up canvas files
KW-3273 Abstractcalendarview: look up colorscheme once
KW-3290 Accept ‘;value=date-time’ in ics validation

Kopano WebApp

Released 22.10.2019

KW-1475 Can not download attachments from edit as new message
KW-2968 Save action resolves invalid email addresses
KW-3063 Create appointment from mail doesn’t strip out every html tag
KW-3114 Bullet and number lists in mails sent from outlook 2013/2016 are not shown correctly
KW-3224 Content of mailbody shifted to the left
KW-3233 Disabling out of office enddate breaks oof settings
KW-3235 Ics export from webapp can not be imported
KW-2328 Import vcf via upload
KW-3200 Convert all html entities when converting from html to plaintext
KW-3261 Remove design.css

Kopano WebApp

Released 08.10.2019

KW-3214 Hover card not shown for sender
KW-3230 Wrong store shown in OOF when user has owner permissions to a shared store
KW-3211 Open from reminder panel contextmenu does not work
KW-3228 Admin cannot set OOF for other user
KW-3044 Quill: Editor does not work properly in pop out window
KW-2338 Set focus to action button in reminder dialog
KW-3183 Use reminder dialog in seperate window (Fix for DeskApp)
KW-3178 Add atleast and atmost condition in rules exceptions
KW-3229 Lower the required permissions to update OOF for other user
KW-396 Create a rule from email

Kopano WebApp

Released: 04.09.2019

KW-3016 Arrow keys does not work as expected with Firefox on Ubuntu
KW-3110 Default folder is not selected in rules select folder dialog
KW-3111 After adding a flag plain text is visible in search preview
KW-3196 Umlauts missing for certain emails when reply/forward in plain text editor
KW-313 Ability to select other users mailbox when settings Out of Office
KW-3041 Copy all email addresses from to/cc/bcc field

Kopano WebApp

Released: 08.08.2019

KW-3100 Webapp with oidc runs in quirks mode
KW-3184 Remove dependency on php-gettext
KW-3189 Category button is not shown while hovering row
KW-731 Concatenate extjs stylesheets
KW-2311 Change fallback timezone to europe/amsterdam
KW-3039 Add option to always cc specific address

Kopano WebApp

Released 16.07.2019

KW-3154 Sort by flag does not function
KW-254 Create a rule for items with an at least or at most size
KW-1405 Refactor calendar canvas implementation
KW-2822 Support for rules exceptions
KW-3173 Avoid to show “show all folders” panel in navigation panel forcefully

Kopano WebApp

Released: 25.06.2019

Note: Due to KW-3129, make sure the fallback language specified in config.php is also installed as locale

KW-189 Subject column takes too much width in task list print
KW-2907 [json themes] action colors are not updated
KW-3129 German umlauts disappear until webserver is restarted
KW-840 Create rule for “name in bcc box”
KW-2507 Update link to powerpaste configuration
KW-2818 Calendar: add day of week next to date
KW-3122 Allow plugins can set the notifiers
KW-3123 Use custom shadow store to record component plugin
KW-3147 Create print overview for calendar grid (list view)
KW-3148 Allow plugins to add ipf notification module name
KW-3157 Add colored border to indicate unread items

Kopano WebApp

Released: 14.05.2019

KW-3096 Item without a pr_record_key has an “untitled” attachment name
KW-571 Add “create folder” option in rules’ select folder dialogue
KW-1265 Create a rule-action for “mark mail as read”
KW-2836 Add support for rule: “includes these words in the recipient address”
KW-2982 Redesign x-window dialogs

Kopano WebApp

Released: 24.04.2019

KW-346 Remove icons from “show details” dialog in scheduling
KW-515 Shared inbox folder jumps position in favorites when marking mail read/unread
KW-2228 Shared contact folder is not translated to german
KW-3105 Add font-size to .x-fieldset for files account creation
KW-2025 Add ‘remove from to-do list’ button to context menu
KW-2388 Add padding above buttons in rule creation dialog
KW-2422 Don’t show the “update rules for” feature when the list contains one user
KW-2877 Add oidc support to webapp
KW-2941 Send icon missing in send later dialog
KW-3081 Context menu handler changes in zarafa.js
KW-3083 Create insertion point in rules settings
KW-3085 Unpin favorites from top in “create new folder” dialog

Kopano WebApp

Released: 02.04.2019

KW-18 Download all as zip skips files with same name
KW-1756 Sent field displays the received date
KW-2770 [mail widget] to input field too small
KW-3057 Create appointment from email on nearest ‘start of block’
KW-3062 Deskapp: downloads from intranet plugin do not work
KW-3064 [safari] attachments with umlaut can’t be uploaded
KW-3078 Uncaught arithmeticerror: bit shift by negative number
KW-769 Increase message options dialogue size
KW-1160 Improve text in delegate settings tab
KW-3008 Show entryids in message options
KW-3055 Exclude outbox folders from pre-fetching

Kopano WebApp

Released: 05.03.2019

KW-1332 Multiple appointments in the same time slot will not use the entire width of the row
KW-2670 [json themes] not all main colors get correct hover color
KW-2922 Webapp wrongly tries sso login when request containts empty remote_user
KW-3003 [json themes] extra-info text color is always adjusted
KW-3007 Default language set by admin not shown on login page
KW-3015 Download buttons do not work in mattermost plugin
KW-619 Pop-out window uses uncompressed tinymce scripts
KW-733 Kopano stylesheet should be minimized
KW-787 After login load body of first x items
KW-1543 Use english for message headers on replies and forwards while language is set to non-english
KW-2841 Additional_categories should always extend current categories
KW-2951 Don’t search for hidden attachments
KW-2979 Modify font-size css selector for quill
KW-2986 Update set default signature script
KW-3004 Shorter the “message saved at” text
KW-3005 Update email spelling of new mail tab
KW-3006 Mailflagscontentpanel and mailflagspanel not used
KW-3022 Update closure-compiler
KW-3025 Quill editor specific change in webapp

Kopano WebApp

Released: 05.02.2019

KW-1610 Hiting del-key very fast ends up in error
KW-2365 Menu of preview pane wont open after searching
KW-2781 Wa leaves an unnamed rule action after actions are deleted
KW-2782 [quick task widget] due date via widget is one day earlier
KW-2918 Icon missing for recurring meeting request mail
KW-2959 [kql] tokenizr.min.js not found
KW-2966 Time values in scheduling tab doesn’t overwrite time in appointment tab for recurruring items
KW-2973 Recurring information does not fit in calendar tooltip
KW-2975 Dots shown in column icons
KW-2977 Calendar: icon of time indicator line is missing (not visible)
KW-442 Implement printing of calendar month overview
KW-2680 Add info pop-up when moving a meeting as attendee
KW-2917 Resolve php 7.3 warnings
KW-2944 [kql] implement character operators
KW-2948 [kql] the license of the tokenizr library should be added to the webapp
KW-2949 [kql] update tokenizr library
KW-2950 [kql] improve build with regard to tokenizr library
KW-2958 Include time in monthly printing overview

Kopano WebApp (Final)

Released: 16.01.2019

KW-2952 [kql] parenthesis around the complete query are seen as free text search
KW-2953 [!chrome] search tab broken

Kopano WebApp (Pre-final)

Released: 11.01.2019

KW-2054 Addition line in plugin config.php prevents webapp from loading
KW-2470 Update list bar of tasks doesn’t end
KW-2640 Support “.-” in local part of a mail address
KW-2868 Filter icon missing; unread icon incorrect
KW-2905 Json themes: small logo is not displayed
KW-2913 Php 7.3 issue: jsonexception already defined
KW-2920 What’s new dialog double encodes strings
KW-2927 Reminderlistmodule requests stops when kc-server restarts
KW-2931 Inline image breaks when mail is forwarded or replied to
KW-1685 Order calendars alphabetically in calendar hierarchy
KW-2330 Improve extra info box
KW-2562 Consistently use email spelling
KW-2890 Create calendar event from an email
KW-2896 Copy email address in scheduling tab
KW-2899 Reduce php memory usage when loading the gab
KW-2906 Implement kql for search
KW-2908 Remove not current button
KW-2915 Themes should be able to change the colors of icons
KW-2928 Disable “what’s new’ with central configuration option
KW-2929 Populate insertion points in general widget

Kopano WebApp

Released: 13.12.2018

KW-2900 Escaped html shown in print preview
KW-2902 Print preview is empty
KW-2904 Updated meeting requests do not have an icon
KW-2909 Improve print code

Kopano WebApp

Released: 06.12.2018

KW-805 Increase height of edit sender, edit recipient dialog
KW-1155 Edge - tool tips unnecessarily use an extra line
KW-1320 Month picker in suggested times not visible
KW-2411 Block middle-click in folder hierarchy
KW-2730 [minimal tinymce] font size wrong when inserting browser spell checker suggestion
KW-2757 Html signatures are not prepended with an empty line in pop-outs
KW-2758 Html signatures are prepended with one empty line
KW-2769 Inline images not loaded for printout
KW-2787 Deleted inline images is sent as unknown_content_type.jpg
KW-2819 Day view printing dates should be translatable strings
KW-2855 “php notice: use of undefined constant loglevel_off” when deploying webapp
KW-2857 Title counter: open about link in new window
KW-2865 Regression: widget collapse/expand icon does not change
KW-169 Allow a user to disable their favorites
KW-617 Export calendar items as ics
KW-1008 Only show scrollbar while hovering element
KW-2245 Favorites folders should always be visible
KW-2487 Pluggable icon packs
KW-2493 What’s new: icon pack
KW-2666 Import ics / vcs from upload
KW-2743 Add option to delete items directly to soft delete for shared folders
KW-2813 Include location in print overview
KW-2843 [task widget] hide email followups when marked as done
KW-2850 Make the new icon pack default
KW-2853 Remove panel collapse / expand animation
KW-2860 [minimal tinymce] empty lines are removed when viewing from outlook
KW-2875 Npm files should be ignored or added to the repository
KW-2882 Update package.json dependencies to non-vulnerable one
KW-2887 Remove bracket from mail counter

Kopano WebApp 3.4

Kopano WebApp

Released: 08.11.2018

KW-2017 [desktop notification plugin] disable autohide does not work
KW-2581 Images not shown in body
KW-2676 Log message string when user is deleted is split over multiple lines
KW-2768 Missing tooltips for widget buttons
KW-2797 Removed users meeting request opening throws javascript errors
KW-2815 [desktop notifications plugin] reminder does not appear as desktop notification
KW-2835 Print within the main webapp window
KW-2849 [folder widgets] height not re-applied
KW-1311 [desktop notifications plugin] don’t mention ‘chrome and firefox’

Kopano WebApp

Released: 23.10.2018

KW-2162 Insufficient privileges message popups while moving appointment in public calendar
KW-2278 Link to a file on a network share would be rewritten
KW-2657 Direct booking method broken
KW-2694 [appointment widget] items cannot be unselected
KW-2697 While attachment is being uploaded saving is possible
KW-2760 Wa fails to handle flatentrylist structure for multi reply-to
KW-2798 Ambiguous recipient when receiving meeting request
KW-2799 Mapi_e_unknown_entryid when importing an malformed pr_reply_recipient_entries
KW-2801 Configure widget dialog should be slightly bigger
KW-2806 Error shows in debug.txt when add resource in recurring exception
KW-2826 Text color in category blocks in the calendar tooltip is always white
KW-613 Import calendar items (ics & vcs) from attachment
KW-1718 Let webapp show client & server versions
KW-2013 Delete all items from folder
KW-2525 Replace the current widget plugin with the advanced widget plugin
KW-2535 Advanced task/appointments widget: show categories as we do it now
KW-2537 [appointment widget] do not show appointments in the past
KW-2735 Move html editor plugin to webapp core
KW-2802 Rename task widget to task / todo
KW-2804 Make booking resources not look like an error

Kopano WebApp

Released: 21.09.2018

KW-648 Out of office dependent rules
KW-2793 Revert: kw-2214

Kopano WebApp

Released: 17.09.2018

KW-1841 Date from signed and encrypted mails are not shown in search results
KW-2189 Calendar title not cut off properly in create in drop-down menu
KW-2547 Ampersand html code visible full name
KW-2579 Address book dysfunctional after removing shared folder permission
KW-2761 Webapp tries to access a subfolder inside a restricted parent folder
KW-361 Get notifications about new mail in other users’ inboxes *
KW-1470 Configuration window of a widget should be modal
KW-2193 Use kopanoenabledfeatures to enable/disable webapp/deskapp
KW-2339 Per-user logging in webapp
KW-2658 Support to open eml files with deskapp
KW-2752 Reduce code duplication in quickitems
KW-2771 Change widget labels to place holder text
KW-2784 Increase size of “add widget” dialog
KW-2785 Change widget panel name from “kopano” to “widgets”
  • When adding a shared store you currently need to login and logout to receive notifications. More info in: KW-2788

Kopano WebApp

Released: 29.08.2018

KW-315 Webapp rpm lacks a dependency on mbstring
KW-2443 Inline image declared as content-type: image/plain
KW-2701 Reminder dialog and in-browser notification appear in pop-out window
KW-2741 Unable to copy calendar / meeting with shortcuts
KW-2742 Space missing in copied appointment text
KW-2745 Unable to login when quick appointment widget is enabled
KW-1373 Hierarchy list request is slow
KW-1989 Add group criteria sender to the mail grid
KW-2031 Improve text in ‘accepting task’ dialog
KW-2550 Improve tool tips text
KW-2647 Improve performance of loading the hiearchy with shared stores

Kopano WebApp

Released: 14.08.2018

KW-2027 Print dialog does not open
KW-2214 ‘send as attachment’ should not add forward indicator to the message (fw:)
KW-2460 Appointment saved into the wrong calendar with read only permissions
KW-2628 Strip sgml comments in style attribute
KW-2700 Today’s appointment widget shows escaped html
KW-2715 Escaped html shown when no signatures are configured
KW-185 Filter to show unread e-mails only
KW-1191 Show email address when printing an email
KW-1675 Hide the number of unread e-mails as part of the search folder favorite name
KW-2650 Remove not required hashing from reminderlistmodule
KW-2674 [json themes] support x-menu-item-selected
KW-2709 Update default columns of the contact folder
KW-2712 Ooo text input field should be larger

Kopano WebApp

KW-1958 Country code jumps to the wrong field
KW-2528 Basic shortcuts are not enabled by default when kopano-files is not installed
KW-2705 Broken members of distributionlist break the whole list

Kopano WebApp

Released: 23.07.2018 (pre-final only)

KW-1728 Xss injection via description and image urls in what’s new dialog
KW-2237 Removing attachment and send meeting request still have the attachment
KW-2575 Canceled attachments are still uploaded
KW-2685 Xss via components names
KW-2688 Deleting a gab user which is part of a distribution list breaks the list
KW-2689 Accepting meeting request in shared store throws error
KW-1969 Add to favorites dialog remove ‘folder name’
KW-2267 Refactor reminder dialog iconclass code
KW-2604 Build webapp for ucs 4.3
KW-2612 Ucs 4.3 spellchecker plugin support
KW-2613 Ucs 4.3 support for plugin mattermost
KW-2614 Ucs 4.3 support for desktop notification plugin

Kopano WebApp

KW-1277 Task request data not visible when previewing in small window
KW-1890 German spellchecker marks some common abbreviation as incorrect
KW-2384 Deleting a kopano-contact removes mailaddress in existing mails
KW-2509 Unable to download attachment from popout and preview pane
KW-2539 Large folder structures get scrambled after copying a folder
KW-2632 Opening task / todo folder in embedded window throws error
KW-2661 Undefined offset errors when opening a task request
KW-1127 Notes: remove unused functions
KW-2127 Add category as an optional filter in search tools
KW-2212 Open reminder dialog from reminder button in menu bar
KW-2564 Add support for simple json themes
KW-2606 Use mapi_deferred_errors flag when opening a table
KW-2654 Refactor common code

Kopano WebApp

KW-428 Clicking outside of the copy/move dialog selects a folder
KW-872 Error occurs when editing local contact via address book
KW-1194 “add new…” e-mail address dialog has too much height by default
KW-1362 Webapp should handle ‘broken’ freebusy entryid
KW-2317 Mail sent as attachment can’t be imported
KW-2360 Html ampersand code visible in link
KW-2383 Organizer should be updated when selected “create in calendar” is changed
KW-2436 Losing category when receiving update for meeting request
KW-2452 Send as email when selecting contact, distribution list and email freezes the to send email
KW-2526 Unable to delete assigned tasks from public folder
KW-2546 Infinite scroll loading information is not reset when switching folders
KW-2584 Unable to delete search folder when it contains messages
KW-2625 Unable to upload certificates
KW-2626 Hover card is missing send new mail icon
KW-2651 Invalid html in notifier message
KW-463 Reloading pop-out should not clear unsaved content
KW-2322 Reposition pagination panel of the mail grid
KW-2335 Introduce possibility to show more information about ‘message could not be saved’
KW-2556 Improve loading of recurrences
KW-2588 Add delay to hover card pop-up
KW-2598 Implement dark tooltips

Kopano WebApp

KW-2363 Classlist.foreach does not work in ie/edge
KW-2446 Categorie management can not opened in ie11

Kopano WebApp

KW-2497 Send mail to distribution list broken in ie
KW-2498 Right click on a contact and “send mail” do not work with ie11
KW-2520 Fpm support presently broken
KW-1076 When session already exists allow user to destroy existing sessions
KW-2018 Create a “share folder” button in folder context menu
KW-2090 Open item in new tab when opened from the reminders dialog
KW-2114 Change whatsapp favicon in the tab to official whatsapp favicon
KW-2326 Import eml via upload
KW-2385 Implement hoover card: show name, emailadres and warning info
KW-2458 Hightlight active filter in contact business card view
KW-2461 Allow disabling publishing of free/busy information

Kopano WebApp

KW-354 Delete button shows tool tip as string in overflow menu
KW-1869 Missing space in ‘from’ auto generated reply quote text header
KW-2243 Removed inline images are sent as bin attachments
KW-2495 Attachment broken when opened from a mail which should be forwarded
KW-2587 Disable cancellation of uploaded attachments
KW-620 Remove version info from login page

Kopano WebApp

KW-286 Wrong translated datestring in webapp
KW-455 Multiple ‘add widget’ dialogues can be opened
KW-2438 Tool tip wrong in german translation
KW-2457 Public store is scrambled in copy/move dialog
KW-2510 Source map of fingerprint.js and resize.js cannot be found
KW-2565 Invalid translation in search date range
KW-2077 Use “pr_ec_body_filtered” for filtering html
KW-2231 Refine and re-organize context menu of mail items
KW-2523 Remove versions from headers when unauthorized

Kopano WebApp

KW-2135 Ie-11 save signature button is disabled
KW-2374 Background svg should have theme color
KW-2392 Appointments with labels lose their color when switching languages
KW-2425 Unable to delete items in outbox
KW-2283 Verify if username/password is not empty on login
KW-2319 Add group criteria size to the mail grid
KW-2323 Reposition ‘infinite scrolling’ loading information in mail grid
KW-2403 Use eslint for linting

Kopano WebApp

KW-2397 Intranet plugin: clicking an intranet button opens a new tab every time
KW-2409 Add support for cross-origin-permission
KW-2474 Users with a username that is a number are not visible in rules dropdown
KW-2482 Manifest changes are not picked up by js order caching
KW-2501 Sort search results on date does not work
KW-2503 Php linter violation : fix usage of undeclared variable
KW-614 Import contacts (vcf) from attachment
KW-1988 Add grouping to the date column of the mail grid
KW-2005 Export contact as vcf
KW-2318 Grouping grid
KW-2336 Notifcation: successfully or failed imported items to [folder]
KW-2347 Enable/disable grouping grid
KW-2471 Add first day of the week setting to date grouping

Kopano WebApp

KW-2260 Search results do not show date for tasks,contacts and calendar items
KW-2396 Can not open attached (kopano) elements when opening message in tabbed detail view
KW-2434 Shared rules should not break settings when inbox is not found.
KW-2416 Change description for out of office in settings

Kopano WebApp

KW-2377 Default background / splash screen should not apply on third party themes
KW-2414 Attachment added from files has 0 byte after sending
KW-2421 Change tooltip in default duration field
KW-2404 Fix various typos in code comments

Kopano WebApp

KW-2087 A deleted send later e-mail is still sent
KW-2250 Status complete sets startdate and enddate to none on an email
KW-2419 Webapp forgets category colors and settings
KW-71 Rename ‘empty folder’ for junk and deleted items
KW-2223 Change default appointment duration
KW-2255 “create in calendar” feature should use active/inactive sorting

Kopano WebApp

KW-2150 Free/busy of wrong user is shown
KW-2333 Broken eml-file attachment can be imported
KW-2371 Only scale images in p > span
KW-878 Show three lines for each item in the search results list when right preview is set
KW-2057 Add config option to add icon to intranet plugin tab headers
KW-2202 Add table plugin to tinymce
KW-2219 Wrap long lines before quoting on reply
KW-2233 Add a rule to filter on words in the transport message headers
KW-2285 Replace default background / splash screen with new augmenting teamwork graphic
KW-2297 Add insertion point before first item in main toolbar

Kopano WebApp

KW-1905 Themes styling should be updated
KW-2210 Wa emits wrong version into html generator field
KW-2315 Unread message counter doesn’t increase when importing e-mail (eml) from attachment
KW-2358 Translation source strings must not be split
KW-139 Basic re-design: highlight focus
KW-527 Copy a single mail address
KW-1396 Avoid using document.write() for setting the html body.
KW-1565 Scale inline images to width of mail previewer
KW-2079 Switch focus to tab when opening same item twice
KW-2178 Always redirect webapp with a trailing slash
KW-2207 Webapp settings saved twice when using mapi_stream_*
KW-2259 Align “create in calendar” field
KW-2310 Add consistent search filter naming
KW-2354 Improve “sorting not possible” text in search (follow up kw-420)

Kopano WebApp

KW-1604 Error thrown when opening previously favorited shared search folder of re-opened shared store
KW-1948 [ie11] [edge] saving attachment with umlauts results in a scrambled file name
KW-2028 Attachment not send when address book is open while auto-saving
KW-420 Improve “sorting not possible” text in search
KW-612 Import e-mail (eml) from attachment
KW-1535 Set a flag on a task item
KW-2100 Detect closing or adding newly opened calendar in a mr

Kopano WebApp

KW-2091 Distribution list not shown as suggested recipient
KW-2257 Uncaught type error after upgrade to webapp 3.4.3
KW-1098 Indicate in which calendar an appointment will be created
KW-2060 Make setdefaultsignature python 3 compatible
KW-2204 Webapp opens the public store on every request
KW-2205 Webapp lazy load settings
KW-2218 Reduce timeout delay for showing suggestions
KW-2222 Add jenkinsfile for running tests in webapp repository
KW-2230 Ship basic apparmor profiles

Kopano WebApp

KW-1713 Setting a phonenumber extension will create a x as seperator
KW-1740 Checkbox is not checked in multi select hierarchy
KW-1945 Text is gone when typing text in the calendar while its being refreshed
KW-2046 Clicking a flagged e-mail in reminder pop up does not show e-mail
KW-2096 Flagged mail icon not shown in reminder dialog
KW-664 Resolve multiple email addresses correctly when pasting from other applications
KW-1908 Mark incomplete icon is not aligned
KW-1999 Change context menu location of export e-mail as eml or zip
KW-2051 Mark for follow-up flag menu in tasks can not be opened by left click
KW-2171 Update code using php-ext function aliases
KW-2209 Integrate js unit tests in webapp repository
KW-2221 Rename ‘send as attachment’ to ‘send to…’

Kopano WebApp

KW-1588 Mail address does not appear in suggestion list
KW-1642 Custom flagged e-mails without reminder with due_by date in the past are not red colored
KW-1787 Initial gab sort order ascending (a-z)
KW-1803 3 dotted ‘more’ menu can not be opened
KW-1838 Blue color shown twice in color panel
KW-1852 Calendar item can not be saved when public calendar is opened from favorites
KW-1858 To-do list is written wrong
KW-2032 Ff - calendar canvas breaks in month view
KW-2159 No-date flag can not have reminder when set through ‘custom’ dialog
KW-1465 Use profile save/restore from php-mapi to speed up login
KW-1473 Restyle reminder column
KW-2061 Remove dead and unused code
KW-2062 Reduce maximum allowed nesting level in webapp

Kopano WebApp

KW-1840 Category should not be sent with task- and meeting requests
KW-1874 Recurrence window is blank while pasting recurrence series
KW-1876 Pasting single occurrence will open recurrence window sometimes
KW-1940 Webapp forgets that it accepted a meeting request
KW-2119 Hierarchy breaks when todo search folder is removed
KW-52 Display time and date in columns (list view) more user friendly
KW-269 On first login expand favorites
KW-940 Use different icons for a task request copy and assigned task request
KW-1283 Update the task copy icon in the task list grid once it has been declined
KW-1454 Set a custom date and/or reminder for a flagged item
KW-1605 Visualize active calendar
KW-1704 Remove preformatting regex in ant build.xml
KW-1715 Add copy/move button to calendar, task, contacts, notes context menu
KW-1814 Use es8 padend/padstart
KW-1922 Introduce a baselink class for common.rules.dialogs to reduce code duplication
KW-1951 Improve importance column icon
KW-1980 Remove the connection header from the fingerprinting
KW-2015 Integrate phpmd style checking
KW-2059 Re-use ipmattachmentrecord.istmpfile()
KW-2131 Replace save button with save signature button
KW-2134 Encryptionstore add expiration functionality

Kopano WebApp 3.4.0 final

KW-2099 What’s new dialog version compare does not work

Kopano WebApp 3.4.0 rc1

KW-1224 Error and read receipt notification not sent when mail grid is reloaded while read receipt dialog is open
KW-1618 Domains are treated case insensitive when compared with the safe senders list
KW-1659 Free/busy doesn’t show appointments starting outside working hours
KW-1683 Folder hierarchy expands when selecting folder from favorites
KW-1709 Print dialog not opened when inline images are not downloaded
KW-1759 Error thrown when navigating to mail settings after enabling spell checker language pack
KW-1760 Suggestions are cut off in scheduling tab
KW-1790 Category column is not enabled in calendar list view
KW-1793 Category icon not visible on hover when selecting multiple items
KW-1804 Read icon is misaligned
KW-1831 Priority icons not aligned in context menu
KW-1854 Todo view should be opened by default when clicking on task context
KW-1857 Webapp sends new meeting request when sending an update to a meeting created with z-push
KW-1860 Items removed in to-do lists are removed from original location
KW-1861 Flagged items have the creator in the “assigned to” column
KW-1872 Context menu is closed when clicking on follow up button
KW-1884 Delete appointment from calendar header in day view will mess up calendar view
KW-1891 Reminder column position differs based on view
KW-1900 New task created ‘from todo list’ does not immediately show up
KW-1902 Flag column in to-do list doesn’t show the right flag
KW-1907 Wrong reminder time set on appointment or meeting request
KW-1909 Blurred background image in login screen is positioned wrong
KW-1910 Propose new time contains an extra space before a colon
KW-1912 Copy/paste images are not shown by the recipient in outlook
KW-1918 Cannot set completed percentage on an item (other then on a task)
KW-1920 Flag column is not shown in simple view
KW-1921 Should not be possible to flag a task in to-do list
KW-1924 Intranet plugin with webviews does not store sessions
KW-1925 Cannot add category to item when selected under favorites
KW-1926 Cannot add favorite to search folder dropdown
KW-1928 After calendar reloads, click ok in open recurrence dialog will throw error in console and mess up calendar
KW-1934 Category name is added as a word in the inputbox in message options
KW-1950 Old flagged items do not have a “no date”-flag in all contexts
KW-1953 Tasks should have flags, defined by the due date of a task
KW-1954 Reminder icons are not visible in the “to-do list” and task context
KW-1957 Only one local contact can be added to mail
KW-1968 Favorite icon for save search folder is misaligned
KW-2030 Highlighting of categories in contextmenu when selecting multiple records is incorrect
KW-1844 ‘what’s new’ webapp 3.4
KW-1883 Add/enable categories column to simple view
KW-1929 Intranet plugin: add ‘autostart’ of individual urls
KW-1978 Upload polish translations into weblate
KW-2056 Enable polish as default language

Kopano WebApp 3.4.0 beta1

KW-264 Model keeps item selection when switching contexts while item does not appear selected in the grid
KW-594 Could not save message error occurs and mail is not sent when mail is auto saved with sub dialogs open
KW-639 Search uses only “modified”-date instead of received-date
KW-656 Meeting request action button styling not applied switching tab
KW-913 Improve search error logging and error messages
KW-1021 Clicking ‘view in calendar’ closes active calendars
KW-1065 Scroll bar jumps when drag/drop item in calendar canvas
KW-1299 Mail does not show a received date in webapp while containing faulty message class
KW-1305 Saving draft while previewing gives server error
KW-1343 Splitbar in searchpanel appears draggable while it is not
KW-1388 Folder hierarchy list scrolls to the top when expanding folder tree
KW-1392 Closing an unread draft will ask for unsaved changes
KW-1418 Edge - webapp reloads page when creating an item with (plain) text area
KW-1450 Ff - opening draft mail and click in mail body will take the cursor before the first character
KW-1479 Additional contact prefixes and suffixes are ignored
KW-1485 Firefox stuck on login
KW-1486 Ff - error thrown while searching in inbox folder
KW-1514 Script tags with spaces in closing tag are not removed in html mail
KW-1528 Design of task mail is broken in pop out window
KW-1539 The version comparison method for the what’s new dialog is flawed
KW-1558 Settings can not be opened while having a shared store opened of a non-existing user
KW-1566 Slash character creates directory in zip file
KW-1604 Error thrown when opening previously favorited shared search folder of re-opened shared store
KW-1623 Search folder can not be added to favorites again once it has been removed
KW-1627 Store breaks when shared folder misses findroot or access to findroot is denied
KW-1637 Suggested recipients still shown while user has already been resolved
KW-1640 Selected fonts removed after pressing backspace or delete twice
KW-1641 Select font family from it’s drop down will throw error in console
KW-1660 Attachments disappears from email
KW-1687 Hierarchynotifier does not check if favoritesfolder exists
KW-1712 Tooltips are cut off for tabs with long name
KW-1737 Mails cannot be displayed if pr_last_verb_executed is set without pr_last_verb_executed_time
KW-1769 Link on a inline image can not be added
KW-1817 Error thrown in console when selects any color in color panel
KW-1820 [ie] unable to set a category
KW-1832 Cannot remove category from appointment
KW-1856 Reminder icon in should be moved 1px up
KW-1894 Flag column is not available in detailed view of task
KW-19 Add mark read/unread functionality to preview panel and mail dialog
KW-43 Improved categories
KW-46 Create search folder
KW-192 Copy appointment/meeting request using shortcut keys (ctrl+c / ctrl-v)
KW-375 Indicate the current time in the calendar overview
KW-818 Show destination of url
KW-1206 Update address book hierarchy when folder hierarchy is updated
KW-1237 Improve plugin manager config checks
KW-1352 Response status of organizer should be ” organizer” instead of ” no response” in tracking tab
KW-1353 Style tracking tab in a meeting request
KW-1379 Redesign calendar hour lines
KW-1383 Php’s each() is deprecated in 7.2
KW-1389 Add readme.md and contributing.md
KW-1436 Upgrade tinymce to 4.6.4
KW-1451 Mark email for followup: set a flag on a mail item
KW-1460 Clean up array.js
KW-1464 Improve performance of fingerprint.js and general cleanups
KW-1488 Mark email for followup: create the to do’s view
KW-1489 Mark email for followup: create the context menu of the to do’s view
KW-1490 Mark email for followup: task views (columns)
KW-1505 Mark email for followup: add flag column to list view
KW-1510 Decrease size of shipped svg.
KW-1530 Improve ambiguous getjson functions
KW-1537 Mark email for followup: change the flag menu of the mail dialog
KW-1538 Mark email for followup: show the flag icon when hovering over the mail grid
KW-1575 Change the name of the send as widget
KW-1576 Fix ipm subtree entryid when it’s broken
KW-1579 Add a colon behind the reload interval text in the configure widget dialog
KW-1606 Trigger search when user selects folder in “select folder” dropdown
KW-1661 Implement ‘continue=’ parameter for the login form
KW-1731 Improved icons for “switch view” dropdown
KW-1777 [intranet plugin] instead of iframes create webviews in deskapp
KW-1806 Highlighting current selected menu item in switch view
KW-1828 To do’s: items marked as complete will be flagged as completed and vice versa
KW-1829 Completed tasks should be visualized with a strikethrough
KW-1835 Mark email for followup: show the flags menu when left-clicking on a flag in the mail grid

Kopano WebApp 3.3

Kopano WebApp 3.3.1 final

KW-924 Improve webapp presence cache by making it hash-based
KW-1162 No ‘save’ notification when applying settings while having a mail pop-out window open
KW-1170 Php error when adding recurrence to existing calendar item
KW-1198 Empty body in webapp when parser breaks on minified javascript
KW-1216 Business card filter can not be applied again when switching back and forth between contact folders
KW-1246 Mail scroll bar resets when switching tabs
KW-1291 Php 7.1 fatal error when opening signed or encrypted email
KW-1303 Suggested contacts folder of shared store not closed even if the entire store is closed
KW-1407 Rtl direction attribute is removed from html mail
KW-1419 Original html message removed entirely when pressing enter
KW-1443 Layout of task request breaks
KW-1469 [sles12] invalid dirname and filename for italian spellchecker language pack
KW-1241 “what’s new” dialog in webapp
KW-1319 Put the unit behind the value for the reload interval when configuring a widget
KW-1342 Combo list should be the same styling as sub menu
KW-1399 Improve task request message code so one sentence does not appear as two separate strings for translators
KW-1456 [intranet plugin] disable the plugin by default
KW-1459 Php 7.1 throws error when adding a non-numeric value to a string

Kopano WebApp 3.3.0 final

KW-357 Embedded attachment icon appears ‘broken’
KW-914 Html mail content added during ‘saving…’ is lost
KW-1187 Syntax error when setting japanese as a language
KW-1202 Webapp login not working after some time when it cannot open a shared folder
KW-1292 Folder icon not centered in ‘icon’ column in the restore items dialog for folders
KW-1301 Day missing from details on mouse over for certain languages
KW-1347 Goid for meeting requests is wrong
KW-1387 Mail only autosaves once
KW-1395 No search results when item containing a category is filtered by type
KW-1240 Add Gaelic and French Canadian language to WebApp
KW-1398 Package the intranet plugin

Kopano WebApp 3.3.0 rc1

KW-247 No items shown after logging in
KW-262 File with title of 8 chars or less is downloaded as “error” from sent items
KW-555 Plugin-gmaps shows only blank page
KW-634 The search drop-down menu gives no indication if it is a shared folder or not
KW-823 Task dialog lay out issues
KW-927 Inserted links are prefixed with webapp’s url
KW-1029 Chrome - pop-ups increases pop-out window width / height
KW-1039 Incorrect styling insert field when containing invalid value
KW-1085 Mail filters panel re-design
KW-1109 Error occurs and settings breaks when having no work days
KW-1148 Task request buttons not available from preview panel overflow menu
KW-1174 Subject not updated when assignee makes changes
KW-1176 Php error when sending saved message
KW-1177 Php error when saving reply to message containing attached item
KW-1222 Mail not sent and error message appears when adding a previously deleted recipient again
KW-1227 Reset webapp settings throws php error
KW-1233 Incorrect color for disabled action buttons when using theme
KW-1249 Incorrect design of the widgets
KW-1253 “include subfolders” check box is shown for shared/public folders when running kc < 8.2 while feature is not supported
KW-1275 Task can be assigned to multiple recipients when disabling “track progress”
KW-1276 Error when setting flag on task request message
KW-1296 Fix php deprecation: methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of php
KW-1302 Wrong icon for the search button in the address book
KW-1305 Saving draft while previewing gives server error
KW-1329 Datetimefield component doesn’t update date when date field is edited manually
KW-1331 Move/copy recurring meeting request message to calendar breaks the calendar
KW-1358 Previewing calendar items in search result will throw errors in console
KW-1024 Improvements for the delayed delivery plugin
KW-1078 Check if a mail has recipients before opening the delayed delivery dialog
KW-1218 Create italian spellchecker language pack
KW-1298 Hide notification sliders by clicking on them

Kopano WebApp 3.3.0 beta2

KW-642 Current folder not selected by default as search folder when selecting a shared/public folder from the favorites section
KW-652 Cmd and ctrl works on all systems
KW-653 Cmd enter shortcut adds another line in the body and asks for unsaved changes
KW-865 First empty line disappears from mail body when saving mail and opening it from drafts
KW-891 Filtering by alphabet letter in the contacts folder does not work with pagination
KW-909 Saved notification appears when moving or re-sizing the address book dialog after saving a rule
KW-910 Print preview dialog not shown when email contains an empty image
KW-977 No other folder opened from hierarchy and shared folder items still shown in grid when closing it
KW-1036 Errors thrown when date / time fields contain invalid data
KW-1038 When action button is disabled text becomes unreadable
KW-1059 Address book separately sorts groups by name
KW-1158 No ‘hint’ shown when opening the address book on “global address book” while full gab has been disabled
KW-1199 Empty lines disappear when saving or sending mail
KW-1200 Accept meeting request will throw error in console and dialogue wont be closed
KW-1203 Formatting lost when saving a draft while opened multiple times
KW-1205 Task status “deferred” should start with an uppercase letter
KW-1212 Second rule cannot be saved / edited
KW-1214 Some default languages are not in the correct alphabetical order in the config.php
KW-1215 Formatting lost when viewing saved message from drafts
KW-1221 Unable to scroll to bottom categories of the settings categories panel
KW-1262 Error thrown in console when hitting enter in change file name dialog
KW-124 Remove “refresh interval” and set “reload interval” in seconds in the configure widget dialog
KW-322 Search re-design: select specific folder
KW-369 Create and track assigned tasks
KW-386 Ability to include sub-folders when searching
KW-526 Improve default search logic
KW-793 Delete suggested recipient by mouse-click
KW-1025 Do not show an error dialogue when trying to search while search query is empty
KW-1186 Presence: do not retrieve and cache user information when no presence plugin is installed

Kopano WebApp 3.3.0 beta1

KW-554 Not all contact information shown in address book with large amount of contacts
KW-563 Shared folder not shown in favourite list
KW-607 Open unread mail in new tab wont set it to “read” in tab
KW-610 Webapp cannot be setup, so that it is served from the root of the domain
KW-816 Incorrect styling of dropdown menu
KW-868 Pop out unread mail shows save successfully notification
KW-896 Mail headers larger than 8kb are not displayed in webapp
KW-978 Unable to render calendar if grouping setting is empty
KW-981 Other contact folders are affected (shown as empty) when gab is disabled
KW-1026 Tinymce’s icon font is not displayed
KW-1041 Extjs mod fixes
KW-1049 Fix a number of coverity issues
KW-1061 Delayed delivery shows the full date instead of the name of the day when a week spans multiple months
KW-1062 Wrong size of dialogs in popout
KW-1130 No action class is attached to the action button in certain dialogs
KW-1153 Css class ‘zarafa-normal’ has no effect in a messagebox
KW-69 Automatically mark a mail as read when opening it via double click
KW-134 Do not show “all adress lists” in the address book and “kopano contacts folders” should not be clickable
KW-196 ‘send later’ should be an optional function of the ‘send’-button
KW-206 Hide the logout button if remote_user variable is set
KW-227 Print overview when view set to “day”
KW-232 From field automatically enabled again when having a “from” address
KW-237 Show shared contacts folders in address book
KW-240 Convert wingdings (smileys) to something sensible
KW-370 Change task status from context menu
KW-409 Put languages in config.php in alphabetically order
KW-452 Php: remove unused local variables
KW-486 Add rel attribute to url’s previewed in the webapp
KW-492 Browser context menu for input fields (copy/paste)
KW-558 Apply rule unconditionally after message arrives
KW-583 “de-bloat” class.operations
KW-624 Shift+delete should delete an item and skip the “deleted items” folder
KW-755 Enable languages which have been largeley translated for webapp by default
KW-768 Make the ‘delayed delivery plugin’ part of webapp core
KW-792 Change calls to deprecated mapi_openpropertytostream function
KW-808 Remove non-working edit ability from taskgridcolumnmodel
KW-831 Remove dependency management code in css
KW-841 Refactor loading login/loader javascript
KW-843 Cleanup configchecker
KW-847 Mapi: drop unused mapi tags
KW-853 Use get_defined_constants(true) for get_mapi_error_name, property2json
KW-856 Various code cleanups
KW-857 Remove postlogon calls
KW-905 Drop xregexp dependency
KW-921 Improve design of plain text editor
KW-982 Show ‘hint’ about having to search for a specific user in order for an item to show up
KW-983 Always show the logout button in deskapp. remove configurability of logout-button
KW-984 Plugin settings panel should occupy the whole height of the window
KW-987 Improvements for the address book dialog
KW-1004 Improve text size and position in empty grid for the address book
KW-1027 Settings::savesettings() causes external settings (out of office) to be removed
KW-1066 Use browsers native isarray() instead of polyfill
KW-1067 Remove ie < 9 compatibility code
KW-1068 Remove ext.form.htmleditor overrides
KW-1145 Replace ext.isarray with array.isarray in the codebase

Kopano WebApp 3.2

Kopano WebApp 3.2.0 final

KW-661 Clicking on attached contact in pop out window will throw error in console
KW-684 Unknown condition added to a rule after saving it
KW-776 Folder selection jumps to “calendar” in folder hierarchy when enabling “show all folders”
KW-903 Webapp on ubuntu 16_04 should depend on php-zip
KW-834 Create reload event for deskapp to listen to

Kopano WebApp 3.2.0 rc1

KW-494 Drop down menu sticks with the last menu available
KW-565 Folder size button is green, but not an action button
KW-625 Task dialog shows end date instead of due date as label
KW-690 Exclude marking an email as read from generating a new mail notification
KW-763 Shared folder can not be closed anymore
KW-770 Translations do not appear on the login page
KW-777 Email of local contacts not shown in the email column of the check names dialog
KW-788 Firefox: selection of subject not possible
KW-809 Delayed delivery plugin sends mail immediately when translated
KW-829 Search term changes to suggestion when sorting on date
KW-832 ‘end date’ label shown twice in the “set flag” email dialogue
KW-791 Create insertion point for version information
KW-261 Label for “elements per page” dropdown should be changed when infinite scrolling is active

Kopano WebApp 3.2.0 beta2

KW-441 Custom webapp title does not work in pop-out window
KW-507 No new line before signature and white spaces when inserting signature
KW-517 Attaching empty textfiles does not work
KW-540 Ie/edge - borders can seen when dragging appointment from one time to another time slot
KW-557 Theme css not loaded in pop-out window
KW-581 Bcc field disappears when entering something in the to: field
KW-626 Plaintext reply/replyall/forward creates four newlines
KW-638 Errors in log when opening address book
KW-657 Send as dialog title is wrong
KW-766 Apache breaks due to infinite recursion in webapp’s html parser
KW-119 Update unread counters for all folders of my own store
KW-125 Choose colour of calendar when “show all folders” is set
KW-772 Remove “inbox -” from the store name in the hierarchy
KW-775 Htmlfilter: simplify and speedup skipping spaces

Kopano WebApp 3.2.0 beta1

KW-545 Search tool bar buttons not centered vertically
KW-16 Add print functionality to preview panel
KW-17 Add copy/move functionality to mail dialog
KW-67 Save meeting request changes as an organizer without sending an update to attendees
KW-105 Show ‘suggestions’ when performing a search query
KW-219 Add tinymce translation support
KW-250 Create rule for “name in to or cc box”
KW-251 Create a rule for “sensitivity” values
KW-252 Create a rule for items received in specific date span
KW-253 Create a rule for mail containing an attachment
KW-260 Make always enabled plugins which can not be disabled by the user configurable
KW-266 Create a rule for the to-field
KW-267 Create a rule for the cc field
KW-389 Remove “click snooze to be reminded again in:” for 0 minutes
KW-403 Rearrange order of meeting request buttons
KW-415 Enable basic keyboard shortcuts by default
KW-418 Refactor streaming mapi properties into a common function
KW-425 Remove unused javascript files and to be implemented code
KW-429 Increment smaller font sizes by 1 instead of by 2
KW-448 Remove unrequired properties in mapi_table_queryallrows
KW-459 Add the ability to jump from mail body back to subject with shift-tab
KW-466 “show as” instead of “busy status”
KW-484 Do not reset storemapping and property mapping
KW-567 Update license.txt on the removal of object.js

Kopano WebApp 3.1

Kopano WebApp 3.1.1 final

KW-580 Missing language.txt file in language folder
KW-589 Error thrown when attaching item
KW-591 Improved favicon for WebApp

Kopano WebApp 3.1.1 rc1

KW-290 Chrome - No unsaved changes warning when editing pop-out of previously saved message
KW-440 Task and notes views are being filtered per page
KW-491 Sending a mail as new throws PHP Warning
KW-510 While shared folder under favourite is collapsed, counter is not update
KW-536 Cannot create a rule for email received as member of a group in gab
KW-543 Do not show “Download” and “Edit as new message” options for non mail items in search
KW-538 Update kopano webapp logo

Kopano WebApp 3.1.0 final

KW-513 Webapp creates relative path when on the same domain

Kopano WebApp 3.1.0 rc1

KW-64 Changes not saved properly when opening mail from draft and deleting the content of body
KW-174 Change “Home” to “Today”
KW-235 Folders not shown under favorites when check/unchecking show all folders
KW-236 Folder hierarchy expands when selecting folder from favorites
KW-244 Unread counter in favorites not updated
KW-245 Inbox shown twice
KW-323 Without ‘allow pop ups’ opening multiple mails will open up blank windows
KW-358 Tool tip not shown in pop out
KW-379 Closing mail tab after pop-out will throw error in console
KW-390 Uncaught TypeError after sending reply in pop-out window
KW-416 FF - Editor size ~25% of pop-out
KW-426 Mail tab not closed on first try when closing the “unsaved changes” dialog
KW-432 IE11/Edge - Focus partially lost after auto save
KW-453 Mail body containing inline image is empty after resolving user
KW-461 http 500 internal server error when trying to open shared folder with insufficient privileges
KW-471 Window with buttons positioned in the middle do not have a green action button
KW-488 Remove dependency on kopano-contacts
KW-489 Add php-xml dependency
KW-498 Pop-out feature should not be applied to non mail item type search results
KW-511 Change WebApp’s php-mapi dependency to 7.2.5 and higher
KW-524 “Search..” filter removed after selecting item type from “Show..”

Kopano WebApp 3.1.0 beta1

KW-25 Overflow buttons not working
KW-35 PT_br translations contain invalid html code
KW-39 Escaping date string translations does not work in XTemplate
KW-40 column settings not saved permanently
KW-70 “Current working day” does not update during a session
KW-107 Error thrown in PHP error log when multiple distlist match in checknames without email address
KW-108 Error thrown in PHP log when saving expanded dist list with GAB users
KW-129 kopano-webapp rpm needs to depend on php-json
KW-133 search for domain name when selecting ‘sender’ does not provide search results
KW-180 Tasks should be clearly indicated as due and complete
KW-182 Number of minutes since the start of the year to the given month is wrong in leap years
KW-335 Local image ‘broken’ in signature
KW-337 Kopano icon missing from new mail notification
KW-338 adjust apache config to be compatible with 2.4
KW-348 “Complete” icon missing from task column context menu
KW-373 Undefined variable: hresult
KW-382 [Rhel7php56] Kopano-webapp.conf created in wrong folder
KW-404 Remove empty translation string
KW-405 smime - Notification box ‘hangs’ when sending an encrypted mail to a user without a public certificate
KW-15 Create ‘more’ button and add ‘edit as new message’ functionality to all mail folders
KW-38 Invalid locale en_EN as default language in config.php
KW-44 Add feature flag to support MAPI notifications
KW-48 Remove unused functions
KW-49 [jshint] Enable empty block / function scope / globals
KW-50 [php] Remove PHP < 5.3 compatibility code
KW-55 Drop Opera compatibility code
KW-56 Remove Object.keys polyfill (client/zarafa/Object.js)
KW-63 Rename calendar icon in mail toolbar to “View in calendar”
KW-66 Remove unused local variables in PHP
KW-72 Remove IE <= 10 compatibility code.
KW-75 Optimize htmlfilter PHP code
KW-80 Reduce login requests on login
KW-93 php: Remove unused define
KW-95 resolvenames: Refactor duplicate restriction
KW-96 Remove GLOBAL Language
KW-99 Port PHP 4 classes to PHP 5 classes
KW-100 ‘Edit as New Message’ functionality for all mail folders
KW-122 Add tooltip for control arrows in sidebars
KW-135 Remove favorite settings from code
KW-140 jshint: Make curly braces mandatory for if statements
KW-145 Rename “Download as files” to “Download”
KW-171 Allow users to save attached contacts items in the corresponding context folder
KW-211 Remove legacy file upload code
KW-212 Remove unrequired jar files in tools directory
KW-222 DISABLE_REMOTE_USER_LOGIN should be available in config.php
KW-246 Add buttons to ‘more’ button when overflown
KW-258 Include polish spell checking
KW-321 jshint: Don’t tolerate assignments in return statements
KW-378 Remove deprecated htcaccess php settings
KW-383 Remove unused or deprecated functions from Canvas wrapper
KW-397 Enable Hungarian language in “enabled_languages” setting in config.php
KW-408 GAB: remove dead pagination character code
KW-3 Pop out browser window mail items
KW-22 Add button to save email as eml file to mail tool bar
KW-30 Show a list of favorite folders
KW-60 Presence plugins should be able to communicate updated statuses to WebApp core

Kopano WebApp 3.0

Kopano WebApp 3.0.1

[KW-35] PT_br translations contain invalid html code
[KW-59] Email could not printed, only white page is shown
[KW-62] Login screen stuck on loading when logging in after session expired
[KW-68] Unable to open settings when plugin folder name is different than registered plugin name
[KW-76] Unable to login WebApp when active group is invalid
[KW-77] Appointment loses participants when switching between appointment and scheduling tab
[KW-81] Editor and body not fully loaded when creating new mail while WebApp is loading
[KW-82] Non squared contact pictures are stretched
[KW-83] e-mail address not shown when viewing details of external contact
[KW-84] Email is not sent to distribution list with local contact in it
[KW-85] Error when deleting calendar item with sufficient privileges
[KW-87] message dialogs appear behind the tool tip in calendar canvas
[KW-88] FF- Subject not visible in canvas when having more than 1 all-day appointment
[KW-89] Scheduling canvas incorrectly styled for certain themes
[KW-90] White screen shown when upgrading WebApp
[KW-128] WebApp enable PHP fatal error reporting
[KW-136] Focus set to other element for copy/move dialog when notification appears
[KW-32] Decrease size of Kopano logo
[KW-86] Set focus to “To” field even when the “From” field is active
[KW-92] Improved keyboard control and CSS changes in copy/move dialog
[KW-137] Set focus to mail list grid when closing the copy/move dialog
[KW-157] Show string instead of number for plugin version