Kopano Web Meetings

Kopano Web Meetings 3.0

Kopano Web Meetings

Released: 18.07.2019

KWP-94 Escaped html visible in ‘new feature dialog’
KWP-95 Different usage of plugin_spreedwebrtc_webapp_domain
KWP-87 Update styling of web meetings login screen

Kopano Web Meetings 3.0.5

Released: 17.10.2018

KWP-85 Constructor names should be changed
KWP-92 Names are not set
KWP-51 Web Meetings sends 3 settings request on login
KWP-54 Add translations for webmeetings
KWP-79 Add support for cross-origin-permission
KWP-82 Update Web Meeting login page to match the new Kopano style

Kopano Web Meetings 3.0.4

KWP-77 Webmeetings overrides base_content_layer setting

Kopano Web Meetings 3.0.3

KWP-66 Missing license.txt in repository and install directory
KWP-78 Compilations of webmeetings plugin fails since webapp 3.4.6 release

Kopano Web Meetings 3.0.2

This is a minor release that only disables the new message animation in Spreed WebRTC. The animation was realised in CSS and supposed to play at 60 FPS, which causes additional load for the user, especially if he does not notification keeps running in the background.

Additionally we have now enabled builds for Debian 9.0 for the WebRTC server and WebApp plugin.

KWP-72 Disable new message animation
KWP-76 add Debian 9 to the provided packages

Kopano Web Meetings 3.0.1 final

KWP-65 Web meetings local settings not saved properly

Kopano Web Meetings 3.0.0 final

KWP-21 Start chat button does not start a chat.
KWP-25 Start call button does not start a call.
KWP-28 Web meetings options disappear from right-mouse menu.
KWP-48 Iframe won’t pop out if user went offline during a call
KWP-49 Deskapp sessions are not closed when opening external window.
KWP-53 Uncaught typeerror thrown on logout
KWP-62 Pop-out windows not closed on logout
KWP-41 Webmeetings screen sharing extension download linked from webapp
KWP-44 Dialog to “set default behaviour” should appear when user clicks on web meetings button
KWP-47 Change order of menu bar icons in webmeetings iframe

Kopano Web Meetings 3.0.0 rc1

KWP-4 Deskapp - default behavior setting for “open web meetings”
KWP-6 Open web meetings by default in webapp (iframe) and add tool bar buttons
KWP-14 Open web meetings manually in an external browser window
KWP-37 Uprade spreed-webrtc backend to 0.29.5

Kopano Web Meetings 3.0.0 beta2

KWP-26 Deskapp cannot refocus on webmeetings windows
KWP-30 Enable the room bar for users

Kopano Web Meetings 3.0.0 beta1

KWP-2 External users can’t join meeting rooms when the user has a ‘-‘ in the username
KWP-20 [deskapp] external screens are not loading
KWP-23 Rename web meetings headers
KWP-5 Open web meetings, by default, in a separate deskapp window
KWP-7 Adjustments to the “add web meetings” text
KWP-10 “add web meeting” should be available when a subject of the mail/mr is not set
KWP-12 Web meeting windows in a separate browser window should not have an address bar
KWP-15 Launch webmeetings main window optionally in external browser window