Kopano MDM Plugin

Kopano MDM Plugin 3.0

Kopano MDM Plugin 3.0.133

Released 05.02.2020

KMP-5 Use mdm plugin in sso environment

Kopano MDM Plugin 2.1

Kopano MDM Plugin

Released: 05.04.2019

KMP-65 Shared public folders are not visible in mobile device
KMP-68 Manage shared folders dialog is not closed on apply

Kopano MDM Plugin 2.1.0

KMP-52 Check box is unchecked in folder hierarchy tree
KMP-55 Adding single shared folder in manage share folder is not working
KMP-60 Unable to share a folder
KMP-62 Capitalize “shared” in manage shared folder button
KMP-49 Remove checkbox to (de)select complete store in “manage shared folders” dialog
KMP-59 Indicate folder sharing requirements in dialog
KMP-63 Change widget name of mdm plugin

Kopano MDM Plugin 2.1.0 beta3

KMP-7 List folders that have been opened through the api
KMP-8 Add and delete new folders to the list to be synchronised
KMP-18 Add provisioning string for “not available” and block device wiping
KMP-41 Build debian 9 packages for mdm

Kopano MDM Plugin 2.1.0 beta2

KMP-27 Incorrect amount of synchronized folders shown in the device info pop-up dialog
KMP-31 Incorrect synchronized data
KMP-24 Improve design of read-only pop up device info dialog

Kopano MDM Plugin 2.1.0 beta1

KMP-3 Device list grid does not properly resize width
KMP-19 Php throw errors for undefined properties
KMP-2 Pop-up webapp dialog with additional device info
KMP-4 Show z-push version in settings

Kopano MDM Plugin 2.0

Kopano MDM Plugin 2.0.1

KMP-10 Fix translation errors
KFP-11 PHP fatal error due to porting PHP 4 classes to PHP 5