Kopano Files Plugin

Kopano Files Plugin

Released: 05/02/2019

KFP-387 Sort folder tree alphabetically in ‘add from files’ dialog
KFP-244 Create consistency with webapp for naming the “create folder” functionality
KFP-378 Create new folder from context menu in files grid

Kopano Files Plugin

Released: 10/08/2018

KFP-369 Source map of files.js cannot be found
KFP-371 Smb - deleting folder is not possible
KFP-373 Attached item in mail cannot be added to files
KFP-382 Files deployment does not copy manifest.xml
KFP-6 Improve tooltips
KFP-108 Sort folder tree alphabetically
KFP-364 Disable “add to files” and “add from files” when no account is configured
KFP-386 Sort folder tree alphabetically in ‘add to files’ dialog

Kopano Files Plugin

KFP-175 Incorrect styling navigation bar
KFP-179 Remove deprecated getsessionid calls
KFP-200 [files][owncloud][webdav] http error code 405 not handled
KFP-217 Update php-libsmbclient to version 0.9.0
KFP-350 Refactor navigation panel and account grid (follow up to kfp-312)
KFP-353 Refactor avoid using separate ‘checkifexists’ request each time user creates/renames files or folders
KFP-355 Avoid the use of single request to load backend controller

Kopano Files Plugin

KFP-363 Attachments not sent when mail is auto saved with address book open

Kopano Files Plugin

KFP-333 Expiration date field not displayed in share dialog
KFP-362 Attachment add in webapp has 0 byte
KFP-323 Improve version information dialog

Kopano Files Plugin

KFP-80 [owncloud] unable to update shared file permissions without first sharing the file
KFP-162 File with some umlauts characters in name wont be uploaded and gives error in console
KFP-226 File specific buttons disabled after refreshing
KFP-266 Search results are still shown in the share details
KFP-312 Php error when server can’t be reached.
KFP-268 Improve behavior of “unshare” as currently it unshares with all users of that file without warning
KFP-317 Add contribution file for mirroring on github
KFP-326 Remove largefiles code

Kopano Files Plugin 2.1.0

Kopano Files Plugin 2.1.0 Final

The rc1 has been rebranded to the final version.

Kopano Files Plugin 2.1.0 rc1

KFP-11 Error when adding item to files from unsaved mail
KFP-160 Opening quota information gives js errors
KFP-163 Ftp - error occurs when attaching or adding a file with special characters as an attachment
KFP-185 File deleted without user confirmation
KFP-194 Misaligned icon in files upload dialog
KFP-219 Files not visible after uploading or moving
KFP-221 Php error when downloading multiple files at once
KFP-225 Php error when attaching file to mail
KFP-229 “Edit account” dialog doesn’t resize properly
KFP-230 Error thrown while navigating away while quota is loading
KFP-231 Php error when sending mail with attachment from files
KFP-232 Php error when opening ‘add from files’ dialog
KFP-247 Align “upload file” icon in new item context menu
KFP-264 “Share via link” password shown when typing
KFP-297 “Upload” and “create folder” buttons are disabled in “icons” view
KFP-310 Translations are partially missing
KFP-318 Include external translation patches by debian
KFP-320 Translations do not work in owncloud backend.
KFP-321 Translations do not work in smb backend.
KFP-324 Disable clicking on version or quota information when account is configured wrong
KFP-328 Icons in files tab are too close to border
KFP-253 Highlighting current selected option in context menu dropdown
KFP-299 Remove the ‘share’ icon from the “done” button

Kopano Files Plugin 2.1.0 beta1

KFP-50 Owncloud: user/group names case sensitive
KFP-60 [owncloud plugin] action class is set at the wrong button in “share files” dialogue
KFP-70 Do not use translations from webapp within files and it’s backends
KFP-75 When uploading a large amount of files which do not fit the size of the upload dialog no scroll bar appears
KFP-98 Change languages path in manifest.xml
KFP-99 Mo files are not compiled from po files
KFP-101 Update translations for files backends
KFP-102 Path for phpfastcache files backend is not detected correctly when running with nginx
KFP-113 Hover and active styling is missing for “share files” and “attach to mail” under ‘more options’
KFP-124 Use of undefined constant base_path
KFP-125 Properly set port if ssl is true
KFP-126 Ftp - upload to ftp for filenames with umlaut fails
KFP-127 Sharing with nextcloud 11 backend gives error 412
KFP-132 Caching does not work
KFP-136 ‘zarafa-action’ class not set on “save” account button
KFP-137 [smb backend] remove backendformaction.js from manifest
KFP-138 Attachment can not be added to files
KFP-142 Clicking on ‘attach to mail’ without selecting any item will give internal server error
KFP-144 Opening the “add from files” dialogue does not disable elements in the background causing multiple issues
KFP-146 Warning messages for files are not properly displayed and main window freezes
KFP-149 Error thrown and file not renamed when trying to rename the same file twice
KFP-153 “send file” performs the same action as “send mail” in contacts
KFP-154 Switching order of accounts produces error in console
KFP-227 Wrong parent method called in filesrecordgridview
KFP-14 Redesign files quota bar
KFP-25 Add ‘cannot be changed’ flag to files backend configuration
KFP-30 Improve folder icons in the ‘icon’ view
KFP-79 Improve delete message
KFP-97 Include japanese translations and update others in files plugin
KFP-106 No preview of files as long thumbnails not generated
KFP-110 Allow users to keep both files when uploading an already ‘existing’ file
KFP-111 Re-design: create folder
KFP-119 Align icons in settings and files widget
KFP-167 Upgrade phpfastcache library
KFP-168 Add php-mbstring as dependency
KFP-169 Do not send settings request on login
KFP-174 Increase size of share files dialog
KFP-240 Update hierarchy after a change

Kopano Files Plugin 2.0

Kopano Files Plugin 2.0.0 final

KFP-5 When SSL is checked port cannot be changed
KFP-59 Shared icon incorrectly displayed
KFP-77 Error spammed in console when closing upload dialog while file is still uploading

Kopano Files Plugin 2.0.0 rc1

KFP-1 SMB - Can not save account when “use Kopano credentials” is checked
KFP-2 SMB: The SMB backend of Files exposes user credentials
KFP-10 Size column misalignment
KFP-21 ownCloud: cannot remove password from folder shared with link
KFP-37 php fastcache does not generate user specific caches
KFP-39 Files misaligned in tabs
KFP-41 Account settings broken when deleting another account
KFP-42 ownCloud - sharing screen input field for user names keeps losing focus
KFP-43 Files retains user and password settings after switching to use kopano-credentials
KFP-44 Reset Settings to server defined values does not reset accounts
KFP-49 Include libsmbclient-php in release tarball and repo’s
KFP-51 Vertical scroll bar missing from folder hierarchy
KFP-55 Files folder hierarchy not shown in files tab
KFP-58 PHP fatal error due to porting PHP 4 classes to PHP 5
KFP-61 Files-main.css loads invalid path to image
KFP-63 PHP warning on login
KFP-68 PHP warning on missing js directories
KFP-74 [OwnCloud] Error BackendFormActions.js not found
KFP-15 re-design: Files navigation bar
KFP-34 Create files user documentation
KFP-47 inconsistent ordering