Kopano DeskApp

DeskApp 2.x

DeskApp 2.7.0

Released 08.07.2020

KD-441 Support collax 2fa

Kopano DeskApp 2.6.0

Released: 07.05.2020

KD-439 Allow users to change the behavior of conflicting download names

Kopano DeskApp 2.5.4

Released: 06.12.2019

KD-427 Options to copy or save link and images have disappeared
KD-432 Simulate browser restart freeze at login screen
KD-433 Eml param stripped on linux builds
KD-434 Use reminder dialog in seperate window

Kopano DeskApp 2.4.1

Released: 31.07.2019

KD-419 Buttons have the wrong cursor
KD-424 Download as zip generates a 0bytes file
KD-426 Downloadlocation and tmpdownloadlocation is not set via ini
KD-431 Open file from download history
KD-389 Html encode all translations

Kopano DeskApp 2.3.11

Known issues: Download as zip generates a 0bytes file -> KD-424

Released: 24.05.2019

KD-420 Don’t show undefined files in download history
KD-423 Update useragent to work with whatsapp4desktop

Kopano DeskApp 2.3.7

Released 20.05.2019

KD-421 Setting “open downloads when completed” broken

Kopano DeskApp 2.3.1

Released 14.05.2019

KD-411 Download from filepreviewer give hashed filename for pdfs
KD-257 Make deskapp identify itself against webservers
KD-390 Upgrade to nw.js 0.38.1 based on chromium 74
KD-415 Clear download history
KD-417 Check if localstorage is defined when closing deskapp
KD-418 Mapilogon should return a dummy session handle

Kopano DeskApp 2.2.3

Released: 30.04.2019

KD-412 Login issues with updated password

Kopano DeskApp 2.2.0

Released: 17.04.2019

KD-330 Dialogs are not shown in popped out windows
KD-403 Downloads: saveas is unreliable
KD-410 Installer-windows: fix registry file association for eml files
KD-170 Show unread mail in taskbar icon
KD-321 Tray icon to indicate unread mail
KD-379 Option to clean cache when closing deskapp
KD-407 Collax update changes authentication mechanism

Kopano DeskApp 2.1.9

KD-399 Tray icon in kde is incorrectly sized

Kopano DeskApp 2.1.7

Released 10.12.2018

KD-397 Import eml via deskapp is broken
KD-398 Increase timeouts in save/save as download option functions

Kopano DeskApp 2.1.3

Released: 07.12.2018

KD-278 Multiple listeners after logout / login
KD-395 Unexpected behaviour after deskapp deployment
KD-309 Improve logic of download settings

Kopano DeskApp 2.0.31

Released: 15.11.2018

KD-391 Deskapp 2.0x does not start on kde
KD-392 Windows: appusermodelid format changed.

Kopano DeskApp 2.0.20

Released: 08.11.2018

KD-269 Error while creating context menu’s
KD-2 Open / view .eml files
KD-202 Make logout button behavior configurable
KD-235 Change ui language
KD-381 Support for webapp feature

Kopano DeskApp 1.x

Kopano DeskApp 1.9.0

KD-364 Support collax portal
KD-370 Do not block keepalive
KD-294 Ini import also use hklm
KD-359 Add support for ubuntu 18.04

Kopano DeskApp 1.8.3

  • Update translations

Kopano DeskApp 1.8.0

KD-362 [regression] multiple automatic download again
KD-363 Sanitize protocol-relative location headers
KD-367 Savesettings is not defined.
KD-139 Change profiles function names to avoid confusion
KD-263 Easy login to deskapp after profile creation

Kopano DeskApp 1.7.0

KD-355 Esc in fullscreen mode
KD-356 Headers are not compared case insensitive

Kopano DeskApp 1.6.22

KD-348 Ini import download section should not be mandatory
KD-350 Download option ‘ask on every download’ does not work’
KD-351 Upgrade nw.js to 28.2

Kopano DeskApp 1.6.14

KD-108 Instead of showing “recently used” in the windows start menu, deskapp should show actions like “create new mail” or “create appointment”
KD-279 Main window becomes active on re-login
KD-131 Add support for ssl client certificates to enhance security of webapp
KD-204 Open webmeetings links in deskapp window
KD-277 Show the welcome screen on reload by connectionparalyzed
KD-282 Proxy auth also in the webapp window
KD-285 Replace node’s request module usage by chrome.webrequest api

Kopano DeskApp 1.5.0

KD-128 Don’t overwrite custom webapp titles
KD-310 Zoom in mailview not possible
KD-322 Presentation mode can not be closed with esc
KD-323 Download dnd does not work anymore from download history
KD-326 Overwrite user agent focus stylesheet
KD-338 Simplemapi: fallback to lpszname if lpszaddress is invalid
KD-340 Simplemapi: trim strings
KD-136 Rename ‘preferences’ to ‘settings’
KD-163 Improve osx installer
KD-209 Set focus to profile list in welcome screen
KD-305 Build ubuntu 17.10 packages
KD-329 Upgrade nw.js to 0.27
KD-334 Create own focus style
KD-335 Improve dialog styling
KD-336 Improve proxy dialog

Kopano DeskApp 1.4.2(final)

KD-304 Multiple downloads warning is not shown
KD-314 Missing download settings breaks welcome screen
KD-230 Add dialog to open the download now
KD-283 Build debian 9 packages for deskapp

Kopano DeskApp 1.3.22(update)

KD-221 Certain buttons are not highlighted when selected or clicked
KD-103 Speed up loading
KD-135 Create more structure in the folder hierarchy
KD-299 Upgrade nw.js to 25.4

Kopano DeskApp 1.3.15(final)

KD-281 Sso auth is broken for new profiles

Kopano DeskApp 1.3.13(rc1)

KD-264 Zoom event listeners get lost after relogin
KD-268 Error while starting deskapp from cmd line
KD-271 Download history item.onchanged is not a function
KD-6 Provisioning toolkit for administrators
KD-252 Add ubuntu 17.04 build target
KD-258 Upgrade nw.js to 0.23
KD-265 Extend simple mapi functionality on windows

Kopano DeskApp 1.3.0(beta1)

KD-194 Image data is not copied
KD-195 All images are saved as png
KD-205 Crash while printing item
KD-218 Insufficient padding left border (on hover) settings button
KD-228 Recover lost translations, and check generally for missing
KD-233 Do not allow saving an incomplete profile, while navigating away
KD-236 Do not navigate away when clicking on the same profile
KD-238 ‘create profile’ button messes up settings if clicked while editing a profile
KD-241 Error when starting deskapp from command line
KD-253 Password decryption failures after logging in
KD-12 Ask for password on logon
KD-22 Add more browser spellcheckers to deskapp
KD-100 Have deskapp ask for proxy credentials if needed
KD-121 Add minimize setting to general settings
KD-147 Reloading deskapp should not show webapp reload window
KD-180 Show list of downloaded files
KD-181 Make settings and subsettings more distinguished from each other
KD-188 Adjust shadow styling of buttons (login & settings dialog)
KD-210 Upgrade nw.js to 19.5
KD-215 Enable chromiums native context menus
KD-216 Build nwjs for linux / mac / windows
KD-217 Include MP3 and MP4 codecs
KD-243 Update to nwjs 0.21

Kopano DeskApp 1.2.34(final)

The rc1 has been rebranded to the final version.

Kopano DeskApp 1.2.34(rc1)

KD-172 Use deskapp favicon instead of webapp’s favicon
KD-175 Sso is broken by introducing encryption
KD-191 Same user profile is loaded every time
KD-197 Disable autocomplete in forms
KD-76 Rename “copy url” to “copy link”
KD-153 Apply button should give feedback
KD-185 Enable/disable check box by clicking on “set as default profile” string on the welcome screen
KD-190 Windows 10 has a need for 24x24px tray icons

Kopano DeskApp 1.2.0(beta1)

KD-41 Links are opened multiple times
KD-69 Send attachment via os integration can open multiple emails
KD-74 Maximize screen should be remembered as resolution
KD-98 Can’t install kopano-deskapp through group policy
KD-144 Abort button not enabled when webapp returns an error
KD-156 Unable to login when welcome screen is visible
KD-167 When deskapp is logged out due to networking issues, log in automatically
KD-97 Windows installer option to start deskapp after installation is finished
KD-124 Change nw.js process to a deskapp process
KD-148 Change behavior of logout button while using deskapp
KD-151 Update kopano logo
KD-155 Add screensharing injection script
KD-160 Upgrade nw.js to v0.18.6
KD-165 Build packages for ubuntu 16.10

Kopano DeskApp 1.1.18(final)

The rc1 has been rebranded to the final version.

Kopano DeskApp 1.1.18(rc1)

KD-89 Code Sign DeskApp for OSX
KD-125 Sending files via external applications breaks filenames with special characters
KD-129 Encrypt password in local storage data
KD-130 Default profile can be empty and DeskApp won’t be able to start
KD-133 DeskApp fails to login occasionally because function onLoadedWebApp cannot be found

Kopano DeskApp 1.1.0(beta1)

KD-5 Multiple profile support
KD-29 Hide DeskApp when minimized
KD-33 Add spreed.me screen sharing extention to DeskApp
KD-87 Add quit option to tray icon menu
KD-114 Add option to open DeskApp settings to system tray
KD-115 Add “Abort Login” button during login
KD-127 Support Collax Portal
KD-94 Mailto links do not work if DeskApp is the first mail client on Windows
KD-95 Change version info in deskapp.exe
KD-111 Increase pop-out size for DeskApp
KD-112 Change pop-out title to Kopano DeskApp