Kopano S/MIME Plugin

S/MIME Plugin 2.2

S/MIME Plugin

Released: 14.12.2020

KSP-207 Fix build errors for 5.4

S/MIME Plugin

Released: skipped due to bug found with php 5.4 systems. See release 2.2.4

KSP-199 Add support for proxy setting
KSP-200 Use webapp logging to log error cases
KSP-202 Debian packaging installs to wrong directory
KSP-203 Remove dependency for php-kopano-smime for php72, deb based distributions
KSP-204 Set dependency on webapp 3.4.22 and up
KSP-206 Remove dependency for php-kopano-smime for php72 distributions for rhel

S/MIME Plugin

Released 16.07.2019

KSP-192 Deleting a kopano-contact removes mailaddress in existing signed mails

S/MIME Plugin

Released: 12.10.2018

KSP-174 Caching passphrase breaks decrypting emails
KSP-183 Smime plugin or webapp creates files in /tmp but do not remove them
KSP-189 Html visible in info header messages
KSP-162 Refactor uploading code for unittests
KSP-184 Add portuguese (pt_pt) language for translation

S/MIME Plugin

KSP-123 Focus not set to passphrase input field when signing a message
KSP-155 Download issues after decrypting mail
KSP-158 Signature can’t be verified after changing passphrase
KSP-159 Not all inline images visible after decrypting email
KSP-163 Change passphrase dialog is styled incorrect
KSP-137 Build debian 9 packages for s/mime plugin

Kopano S/MIME Plugin 2.2.0 beta2

KSP-147 Gab public certificate breaks encrypting email
KSP-83 Include japanese translations in s/mime plugin
KSP-146 Pass correct argument to verifyocsp when uploading pcks12
KSP-148 Do not always retrieve the default message store
KSP-149 Make ocsp optional and async

Kopano S/MIME Plugin 2.2.0 beta1

KSP-10 Signing/encrypt button does not work and give an error when button is hidden
KSP-18 Make message_class code consistent
KSP-24 Possible to decrypt a message with a different private key
KSP-45 No indication that mail is signed and encrypted in drafts
KSP-46 User is shown twice in to-field after decrypting the mail
KSP-80 S/mime buttons not active after popping-out email
KSP-84 Add support for s/mime certificates which require an intermediate certificate.
KSP-88 Ol sign&encrypt messages are empty in webapp
KSP-97 S/mime doesn’t check for the intermediate ocsp url
KSP-101 Can not open ‘more’ overflow menu when smime buttons are moved there and error is thrown
KSP-105 Encrypted message makes use of “icon_smime_decr_content” class
KSP-107 Recipient removed from sent items
KSP-117 Use s/mime css when passwordsaveenabled is set
KSP-120 Ocsp validation fails when it might be correct
KSP-121 Buttons in settings are larger than actual width
KSP-128 Certificate is shown revoked when ca issuer url is not provided
KSP-26 Read encrypted mail in sent items
KSP-31 When certificate manager is empty, show message in body
KSP-75 Create dialogs consistent in design with webapp
KSP-86 Style and improve text sign / encrypt message
KSP-99 Stop using deprecated mapi_openpropertytostream
KSP-103 Increase column size s/mime message in list view
KSP-108 Update positions of s/mime icons
KSP-110 Accept and match case sensitive email addresses
KSP-111 Make submit button an action button
KSP-112 Change password in s/mime message to ‘passphrase’
KSP-114 Add cancel button to sign dialogue
KSP-122 Increase top margin smime info bar
KSP-132 Remove deprecated getsessionid calls

Kopano S/MIME Plugin 2.1

Kopano S/MIME Plugin 2.1.1 final

KSP-85 Php error thrown when uploading in files
KSP-95 Unable to encrypt email

Kopano S/MIME Plugin 2.1.0 final

KSP-82 Unable to encrypt with GAB pub keys

Kopano S/MIME Plugin 2.1.0 rc1

KSP-8 Use GAB public key to encrypt messages
KSP-54 Allow ‘remember passphrase’ by browser when signing message
KSP-79 Set correct dependencies to support ubuntu 16.04 / php7

Kopano S/MIME Plugin 2.1.0 beta1

KSP-61 Verifying signed certificate leaves temporary usercert in /tmp/
KSP-66 SMIME RPM is missing dependencies on php-bcmath
KSP-68 Rhel6 + 7 Software collections packages should not depend on php-common
KSP-71 PHP fatal error due to porting PHP 4 classes to PHP 5
KSP-59 Make it possible to change the password of an already uploaded certificate
KSP-62 Translations are not working for PHP code