Kopano OL Extension

Kopano OL Extension 2.1-20 (final)

Released: 2019-11-08

no ticket New default option for threading to resolve sync issues for the gab and signatures

Kopano OL Extension 2.0-340 (final)

Released: 2019-09-27

With this release we have modified the plugin startup to resolve the previous issues where due to issues with the signature sync the global addressbook (GAB) was not synced to the client.

For very large GABs KOE now has an switch to enable a the optional “ItemCache” from the PluginDebugger. This cache is capable of dramatically speeding up the initial GAB creation process, but is only needed when the GAB consists of several thousand users.

KOE-184 Limit the amount if contacts displayed in the “shared folders” dialogue
KOE-187 Improved logging of Soap parsing errors
- GAB speed-ups
- Added backgrouund respawn task executor

Kopano OL Extension 2.0-331 (final)

Released: 2018-11-21

Known issues:

  • there is a know issue where due to a timing problem the GAB is not recognised by KOE (and therefore not synced). We are still investigating the exact cause. This build includes a new “WrapperTrace” logging to collect more data. With this logging activated the cause for the missing GAB can be seen in the %temp%/Kopano OL Extension.log. The workaround would be to temporarily deactivate the blocking sub process.
KOE-173 Umlaut in profilename causes koe-button greyed out
KOE-175 False timestamp on reply flag
KOE-177 Koe doesn’t recognize zpushversion in debug menu
KOE-178 Can’t open several shared mailboxes
KOE-180 Koe still sometimes disabled due to start-up time

Kopano OL Extension 2.0-310 (final)

Released: 2018-08-09

This build only includes updated german and portuguese translation files. Otherwise the build is identical with the RC release.

Known issues:

  • there is a know issue where due to a timing problem the GAB is not recognised by KOE (and therefore not synced). We are working on a fix. If you suffer from this problem a downgrade to 1.6 will restore the GAB linking.
  • in some cases, when working with multiple activesync accounts already, it can happen that the new shared store functionality tries to reuse a wrong account (syncs hierarchy from a different server). In these cases we recommend to setup the account manually.
  • it has been reported that profile names with umlauts cause KOE not properly detecting the account. This is sheduled to be fixed in a later minor release with KOE-173. The workaround for this is to rename the profile to not contain any umlauts.

Kopano OL Extension 2.0-309 (RC)

Released: 2018-07-04

As announced earlier the 2.0 milestone of the Kopano OL Extension (KOE) marks the end of new feature development for KOE. This last feature release includes the ability to open shared stores in full (not only selected folders). To improve overall performance of Outlook and improve user experience we decided to include limits for the amount of shared folders (50 folders in total) and reduce sync timeframes for large mailboxes (dynamically based on the total mailbox size, for example stores bigger than two gigabyte only sync the last two months).

Known issues:

  • in some cases when, working with multiple z-push installations, it can happen that the new shared store functionality tries to reuse a wrong account (syncs hierarchy from a different server). In these cases we recommend to setup the account manually.
  • Currently the webservice call fails for shared stores and therefore no sync status is displayed for shared stores (will be fixed in Z-Push with ZP-1444). Below are example error messages from the KOE log for this issue.

Sync status call:

2018/07/04 13:37:31.980 (10,): Error: SoapRequestEncoder: Error in SOAP response:
2018/07/04 13:37:32.006 (10,): Error: SyncState: Exception in task SyncState: System.Xml.XmlException: Root element is missing.
   at Acacia.ZPush.Connect.Soap.SoapRequestEncoder.ParseResponse(String url, Stream result) in .../AcaciaZPushPlugin\AcaciaZPushPlugin\ZPush\Connect\Soap\SoapRequestEncoder.cs:line 101
   at Acacia.ZPush.Connect.ZPushConnection.Execute(String url, RequestEncoder request) in .../\AcaciaZPushPlugin\AcaciaZPushPlugin\ZPush\Connect\ZPushConnection.cs:line 139
   at Acacia.ZPush.Connect.ZPushWebService.Execute[ResponseType](SoapRequest`1 request) in .../\AcaciaZPushPlugin\AcaciaZPushPlugin\ZPush\Connect\ZPushWebService.cs:line 60
   at Acacia.Features.SyncState.FeatureSyncState.CheckSyncState(ZPushAccount account) in .../\AcaciaZPushPlugin\AcaciaZPushPlugin\Features\SyncState\FeatureSyncState.cs:line 453
   at Acacia.ZPush.ZPushSync.SyncTaskImpl.<>c__DisplayClass8_0.<GetInstance>b__1() in .../\AcaciaZPushPlugin\AcaciaZPushPlugin\ZPush\ZPushSync.cs:line 160
   at Acacia.Utils.AcaciaTask.Execute() in .../\AcaciaZPushPlugin\AcaciaZPushPlugin\Utils\Tasks.cs:line 60

for email signatures:

2018/07/04 15:37:55.717 (16,): Error: Signatures: Error fetching signatures: testuser01@kopano.com: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at Acacia.Features.Signatures.FeatureSignatures.FetchSignatures(ZPushAccount account) in .../\AcaciaZPushPlugin\AcaciaZPushPlugin\Features\Signatures\FeatureSignatures.cs:line 201
   at Acacia.Features.Signatures.FeatureSignatures.SyncSignatures(ZPushAccount account, String serverSignatureHash) in .../\AcaciaZPushPlugin\AcaciaZPushPlugin\Features\Signatures\FeatureSignatures.cs:line 145
KOE-91 Mismatch in signature templating
KOE-150 Signature sync fails if there is a backslash in the name
KOE-155 Send-as sometimes fails to resolve
KOE-165 Installer fails when enabling old-style account dialog as single user
KOE-168 Resolving from a shared folder may resolve contacts from a different account
KOE-20 Is it possible to limit write access to the gab pst file?
KOE-76 Add the ability to set the synchronisation timeframe
KOE-124 Add the possibility to open shared stores as a separate account
KOE-153 Error message of creating folders in shared stores is confusing users
KOE-159 Let koe set a custom sync timeframe based on the total storesize
KOE-161 Limit the total number of shared folders

Kopano OL Extension 1.6-282

KOE-163 Device id not assigned during first run when KOE is enabled

Kopano OL Extension 1.6-279

A lot of the changes that went into the 1.6 release of the Kopano OL Extension are currently still disabled by default and waiting on the Z-Push 2.4.0 release to continue with further testing. Nevertheless we wanted to share the already made improvements in regards to shared folder management and signing the VSTO file and therefore decided to push a 1.6 version without the new shared account features planned for 2.0.

KOE-139 Shared folders dialog allows editing of configured folders
KOE-41 Vsto file is not signed
KOE-98 Also exclude the gab folder and statically configured folders from showing up for notifications
KOE-151 Add option to sync contact groups a contacts

Kopano OL Extension 1.5-240

KOE-116 Fixed exception on default folder name if GAB user lookup fails

Kopano OL Extension 1.5-239

KOE-43 Shared folders: users would like to see a list of available users/stores
KOE-49 Settings dialog could use some clean ups
KOE-116 Configurable default name of shared folders
KOE-142 Prevent users from making hierarchy changes in shared folders

Kopano OL Extension 1.5-231 (beta)

KOE-103 Can not flag mail after moving it
KOE-130 Number of wrappers increases on new emails
KOE-131 German translation is wrong
KOE-135 Reply flags from webapp are not synced to outlook
KOE-137 Flags and category icons are not synced
KOE-134 Add registry entry to the installer to enable the “traditional account dialog box”

Kopano OL Extension 1.4-209

Updated translations

KOE-115 Enabled sync stall detection by default

Kopano OL Extension 1.4-200

KOE-22 Opening shared (sub)folder requires folder visible permissions on inbox as well
KOE-42 Out-of-office dialog doesn’t have scrollbars
KOE-65 Meeting response uid is wrong
KOE-89 Out-of-office dialog fails to open
KOE-92 Can’t change appointment duration after creation
KOE-108 Copying contact out of gab to local contacts folder gives gab suppression warning
KOE-117 Modifying reminders query generates reminders
KOE-119 Koe prompts for restart on discovering deleted secondary contacts folder
KOE-23 Mails in “sent items” are not showing bcc information
KOE-24 Show gab synchronisation state
KOE-52 Syncing data visible in kopano tab
KOE-106 Insert read delivery request from koe
KOE-113 Full resync by dropping the ost file
KOE-114 Private appointments should not be edited in shared calendars
KOE-115 Trigger full resync automatically

Kopano OL Extension 1.3-156

KOE-94 Shared folders containing & can’t be opened
KOE-96 Cannot enable out-of-office with special characters in the message

Kopano OL Extension 1.3-154

KOE-44 Plugin is still sometimes disabled on first install
KOE-51 Folder renames are not reflected in outlook
KOE-62 Koe extension fails if tlsv1 is disabled on web server
KOE-67 Webservice call made when hitting “send/receive” when in offline mode
KOE-87 Ribbon doesn’t show up if no email account is configured
KOE-88 Added VSTO runtime requirement to installer
KOE-89 Out-of-office dialog fails to open
- Fix for signature templating: replace %title with “jobtitle” instead of “title”
- Restored DeviceId in debug dialog
- Fix duplicating “Kopano folder” by stripping UNC prefix from local path
KOE-12 Shared calendars display reminders.
KOE-14 Implement workaround to outlook limitation of only one contact folder per account
KOE-17 Inject ldap signatures like webapp does
KOE-25 Research: how to deploy current version with gpo
KOE-50 Koe should tell a user if the password is not saved
KOE-61 Implement client capabilities header
KOE-70 Export signature as utf8 bom
KOE-75 Msi installer does not use the right styling
- Restarting Outlook to apply additional contact folder change now tries to reuse the previously selected profile
- Add additional logging for missing partens of shared folers

Kopano OL Extension 1.2

KOE-7 Display an “open WebApp” button if a kdiscover DNS entry is set
KOE-8 Automatic send-as from shared folders
KOE-9 Rename shared folders after adding them
KOE-15 Document “hidden” config switches in the PluginDebugger
KOE-19 Advanced open shared folders dialogue that supports opening folder hierarchies
KOE-26 Reorder icons in Kopano Ribbon
KOE-28 Ability to set a custom location for KopanoLocalFolders.pst
KOE-28 Installation improvements for 64bit environments
- Fallback to english if string is missing in local translation

Kopano OL Extension 1.1

KOE-6 Implement dialogues for opening and closing shared and public folders
KOE-8 Add the possibility to manually change the “From” address (requires Z-Push 2.3.2)
- Update logos and icons according to the new Kopano branding

Kopano OL Extension 1.0

- Add Kopano Ribbon to group related functions
- Support for Outlook 2013/2016 in 32bit and 64bit
- Implement syncing of Reply and Forward flags between Outlook and the server (two way)
- Feature management to enable/disable parts of the extension
- Implement feature to retrieve the GAB (contacts and groups) from Z-Push and provide it from a local addressbook
- Implement the ability to trigger a resync of the local GAB
- Implement free/busy lookups for GAB contacts
- Add the ability to set and retrive the Out of Office status message
- Implement workaround for sycing of (otherwise “local only”) notes
- Addes support for translations through Kopano Translate
- Add support for self signed ssl certificates