1. User Manual

In WebApp, you can access files stored in your network storage using Kopano Files. In this manual, you will learn how to open Files, add your account and share files with your colleagues. For more information on using WebApp, please consult the WebApp User Manual.

1.1. Opening Files

To access Kopano Files, select the Files button in the Main Toolbar. The Kopano Files tab consists of the following areas:

  1. Folder Tree
    Allows you to browse through the hierarchy of your files accounts.
  2. Action Bar
    Contains buttons to manage your files and folders as well as sharing or attaching them to your mail.
  3. File Navigator
    Provide a preview of the files contained inside one folder.
  4. File information
    File information, such as filename, size, modification date and sharing status can be found here.
Overview of the Files tab


If the button is not available in the Main Toolbar, the plugin must first be enabled in the Settings menu.

1.2. Add an Account

Follow the steps below to add your Network Drive or account to WebApp:

  1. Go to the Settings menu
  2. Select Files
  3. Click on Add Account
  4. Fill all required fields as introduced by your Administrator
  5. Save the Settings


The ownCloud type allows you to add both an ownCloud as a Nextcloud account.

Once set up, a colored dot will appear to tell you if Kopano Files managed to connect to your accounts or not.

The dots show the connectivity status of your account

1.3. Working with Files

Working with Files allows you to manage your online accounts, such as adding new folders, upload files and to attach your to your mail. If working with an ownCloud account, the option to share the file without leaving WebApp.

1.3.1. Uploading to Files

You can upload files either by dragging & dropping your files into the folder you are currently in or using the Upload button.

1.3.2. Add a file to a mail

You can either attach a file to a new mail using the Attach to mail button or while writing it using the Attachment button.

  1. Write a mail
  2. Open the Attachment sub-menu next to the Paperclip button

1.3.3. Share Files (Only for ownCloud)

Within ownCloud/Nextcloud, it is possible to share files and folders to other ownCloud/Nextcloud accounts. From Kopano Files, you can use this function within having to login to the service:

  1. Go to your ownCloud account in Files
  2. Select the file/folder you want to share
  3. Click on the Share button, then on Add
  4. Type the name of the person (or group) to give permission
  5. Set the wanted permissions
  6. Click on Save

The file/folder will be available on your colleagues account.


The sharing you set in Files will also be visible in your ownCloud/Nextcloud account.