4. Basic usage

4.1. Enable the plugin

enable plugin

Enable the files plugin

To enable the plugin you will need to click on the settings button (1). In the settings window you will have to click on plugins (2) to open a list of installed plugins. Once this dialogue is open double click on the files plugin to enable it (3). The plugin now got a different background and you can click on apply to finalize the changes (4). Make sure you reload WebApp after clicking the apply button.

4.2. Add an account

Add an account

Add an account

With the plugin enabled you can find a new tab in your settings. This tab is called ‘Files’(1). Once clicked on the files tab this will open all the files settings. To add an account click on the ‘Add Account’ button (2). This will open a new dialogue to add an account of your choosing (3). Please contact your system administrator for the correct account settings. If all the fields are filled in your can click the save button (4) and apply the settings afterwards (5).

account status

Status of a files account

The files status bar (1) gives you an overview of the status of the files account. The green indicator means your files account is working correctly and the red indicator means there are problems with your account. Please contact your system administrator if you have problems setting up your account.

In the next column (2) you can see which backend your files account uses and in the last column the available features are shown (3).

4.3. Files tab

Files tab

The Kopano Files tab

With the files plugin enabled, a new “Files” tab is shown in the top bar. Clicking this tab brings you directly to your files account.

Browsing through the hierarchy of your files account is easy and can be done via the folder tree on the left side (1). You can also upload a new file, create a folder, download a file, share a file and attach a file to a mail (2). More about attaching a file to a mail in the next chapter. Browsing and previewing your files can be done in the file navigator (3). You can view your files either as a list or as icons. File information, such as filename, size, modification date and sharing status can be found in the right section of the files tab (4).

4.4. Add a file to a new mail

There are several options to include a file from your files account to a mail. If you select a file you can click ‘Attach to mail’ to add the file to the mail or right-click on the file and select ‘attach to mail’. These actions will bring you to the following dialogue:

files email

Email a file

It is also possible to attach a file while writing a new mail. This can be done via the attachment button:

File attachments

Add a file via attachments