3. Configuration

3.1. Profile creation

There are two ways to create a profile in DeskApp. If no profile is configured a profile creation screen is visible. Another way to create a profile is via the DeskApp settings. In both windows profiles can be created by entering your credentials. The following fields are mandatory:

  • Profile name
  • Username
  • Password
  • WebApp address

If Autodiscovery is enabled by the administrator the email address can be used to discover the WebApp address. More information about Autodiscovery here.

The ‘use system credentials’ settings should only be enabled if the administrator has set up a ‘Single Sign-on’ environment.

Profiles can be set as default via the ‘Set as default profile’. The default profile will be shown as the first profile in the profile drop down. If ‘Automatically login with the default profile’ option is set, the default profile will be loaded after DeskApp is started.

Profile creation

Profile creation