3. PST to Kopano MigrationΒΆ

kopano-migration-pst can import multiple .pst files to the stores of the users on the Kopano Server. There are many ways to retrieve the .pst files with the users store. You might work with .pst files stored on clients separately, centrally stored on a server or use a groupware solution.

Microsoft has made a very useful tool, called “ExMerge”, and since MS Exchange 2010 SP1, the commandlet New-MailboxExportRequest allows exports of Mailboxes to PST format. These .pst files can be imported into an Exchange mail server, and more importantly, allows one to export an Exchange mail server to .pst files.

The Migration Tool is then used in the next stage to import these .pst files onto the Kopano Server.

$ kopano-migration-pst --help
Usage: kopano-pst PATH -u NAME
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-c FILE, --config=FILE load settings from FILE
-s SOCKET, --server-socket=SOCKET connect to server SOCKET
-k FILE, --ssl-key=FILE SSL key file
-p PASS, --ssl-pass=PASS SSL key password
-U NAME, --auth-user=NAME login as user
-P PASS, --auth-pass=PASS login with password
-u NAME, --user=NAME run program for specific user
-f NAME, --folder=NAME run program for specific folder
-l LEVEL, --log-level=LEVEL set log level (CRITICAL, ERROR, WARNING,
--stats list folders for PATH
--index list items for PATH
--import-root=PATH list items for PATH

To import a PST file, you can run the following command:

$ kopano-migration-pst backup.pst -u user1

Since this is a command line tool, it gives the administrator the flexibility to script a batched import for multiple stores.