2. IMAP to Kopano MigrationΒΆ

kopano-migration-imap is based on well known imapsync, and is a utility for easily migrating from about any IMAP server to Kopano. It synchronizes all folders and items from the existing IMAP inbox to a given mailbox availble from the Kopano IMAP gateway.

The syntax to use kopano-migration-imap is as followed:

kopano-migration-imap --noauthmd5  --host1 old-imap.example.com --user1 userold --password1 passw1  -sep2 / --prefix2 "" --host2 kopano.example.com --user2 usernew --password2 passw2

Description of the extra options: - The option –noauthmd5 forces authentication with plain password, which the Kopano gateway only supports - The option –sep2 / is to define the used separator for Kopano - The option –prefix2 “” is to define the basic starting folder - The option –allowsizemismatch is necessary when migrating from google/gmail accounts


If you don’t know all user password in Kopano, you can change in the gateway.cfg the server_socket to file:///var/run/kopano/server.sock. This change allows users to login without a password. Make sure to switch this option back to http://localhost:236/kopano after the migration! Note: The password is plain text and is readable, to change this, it is possible to use ssl, when you put in extra options (Read: man imapsync)


When installing kopano-migration-imap on RHEL the EPEL repositories are needed to fullfil all dependencies.

Please refer to https://imapsync.lamiral.info/doc/TUTORIAL_Unix.html for detailed usage instructions.