1. Introduction

Migrating to Kopano is performed by either:

  • Using the Zarafa2Kopano script for migrations of Zarafa to Kopano
  • Importing .pst files with the kopano-pst-import utility (planned for Q3/2016) for any other Outlook or PST-capable groupware solution
  • Direct import from MS Exchange to Kopano (Toolset available from Kopano professional Services)
  • Importing via IMAP and CalDAV

1.1. Professional Services Toolset / Migration Tool

Professional Services can provide you with a Migration Tool that performs a migration by opening each user’s store in the data source (Outlook PST format), traveling over the MAPI folder structure migrating each item and folder. This means that all data from the data source will be migrated, including mail, attachments, appointments, tasks, contacts etc. The Tool will also check if the item/folder already exists at the destination (a Kopano Server or a .pst file) to avoid duplicates. The tool will not create users within Kopano, it assumes that the users to which the administrator wants to migrate data to, already exist at the Kopano Core. In the future, Kopano will provide a Toolchain to import with the same import capabilities - based on an extra provided package by Kopano.

1.1.1. Exchange to Kopano Migration

The Kopano Migration Tool can migrate multiple stores from one MS Exchange server to one Kopano Server.