Frequently asked questions (FAQ)ΒΆ

Is Meet a new product or is just the next release of Web Meetings? In this regard: does it produce extra-costs?

Kopano Meet is a completely new piece of software, redesigned from the ground up. In our product overview Kopano Meet will (once it has reached feature parity) replace the old Spreed based Web Meetings implementation. If you have bought a support subscription for the old Web Meetings product you can just use Meet instead in the future.

What is the difference between Meet and Web Meetings? Especially: Are there features missing? Which “problems” were solved?

Kopano Meet has been redeveloped to benefit from advancements that were made in browsers, development languages and the WebRTC technology. One of the most noticeable things is while disabling video in the old WebMeetings still transferred a blacked out video, it is nowadays possible to completely disable the video (and audio) data streams conserving more bandwidth. One other benefit of starting from scratch is that the new product is now also capable of natively running on mobile devices (just within the default browser, no app installation required). Starting from scratch also means that not all feature that were available in the old Web Meetings will be available in Kopano Meet from the start. For the beginning we have focussed on one to one and group calls. The ability the invite external users to a call will be ready at product launch as well. Additional features like screensharing or a visual integration into WebApp/DeskApp are on our agenda and will be added later on. Feature such as uploading of files and presentation, or a built in chat will not be implemented.

How do I migrate from web meetings to meet?

Neither Kopano Web Meetings nor Kopano Meet store data of their own on the server. To make use of meet you simply have to install and configure it.

How long may I work with web meetings? When do I need to migrate to Meet?

Both solutions will exist side by side for a bit longer. Once we have reached feature parity between Meet and Web Meetings we will make an “end of life” announcement that gives admins enough time to update their installation (or decide to stay on the old software, but not receive further updates and support).

How does Meet integrate with Kopano? Especially: DeskApp/WebApp, address book, ...

Kopano Meet uses the new RestAPI in Kopano Groupware Core 8.7 to get access to the GAB. Authentication is handled by Kopano Konnect (also introduced with Kopano Groupware Core 8.7). There is at this moment no functional integration with Kopano WebApp/DeskApp.

While a functional integration would be nice, can I at least visually include Meet into Kopano WebApp?

Yes, this works out if the box with the so called “Intranet” plugin and as long as Meet and WebApp are hosted on the same domain. Please be aware that users will need to sign seperately into Meet. This requirement will be obsolete once it is possible to sign into Kopano WebApp with Kopano Konnect as well.

I heard that you can install Kopano Meet on your mobile phone or desktop, where can I download this app?

Kopano Meet is designed as a so called “Progressive Web App (PWA)” which means that browsers supporting this standard (Chrome, Chromium, Edge, Firefox) will show the user a notification enabling to “install” itself to the list of apps on the device in question. If you want to install Meet for faster local access then you can do so by visiting your local installation of Meet, a separate app is currently not required and not planned.