Advanced Settings

Influencing Meet behaviour through URL fragments

Users are able to fine tune how other users will join a meeting by modifying the url they send to other participants.

The following examples use the url as a base.

Allow guest users to join meetings

By default only users that are able to log into Meet can join a call. Administrators are able to configure Meet to make it possible to invite external users. At this moment before sharing such a guest enabled room with external participants the fragment guest=1 needs to be added to the url.

Setting/Value Explanation
guest=0 Disallow joining by guests
guest=1 Allow guests to join


By default when a guest joins a meeting a randon generated name (using a combination of a random adjective and noun) is assigned to them. When inviting guests user could already provide a (real) name for the guest.

Setting/Value Explanation
name=John%20Doe Guest will be shown with the Name “John Doe” within the meeting


Automatically join meetings

By default users will first be presented with a “landing page” when joining a room where they can quickly check if their camera is working. By adding the following to the url users will automatically join a meeting.

Setting/Value Explanation
auto=1 Automactially join with audio only
auto=2 Automcaticlly join with audo & video enabled


Disable camera or microphone for participants

By default users joining a meeting will have their microphone and camera enabled (or just microphone enabled when just joining via audio). By adding the following to the url uses will join a meeting e.g. with their microphone “muted” by default (so they have to unmute it before speaking).

Setting/Value Explanation
mute=1 “Mute” microphone for user
mute=2 “Mute” video for user
mute=3 “Mute” microphone and video for user


Combining multiple settings

Multiple of the above settings can easily be combined by chaining them with the & symbol.

The following example will auto join a guest with the name “John Doe” into a meeting with the microphone of John muted by default.