1. Introduction

The Kopano Archiver provides a Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) solution for Kopano, with the following features and advantages:

  • More rapid recovery from downtime incidents
  • Improved messaging server performance
  • Seamless End User Experience
  • Flexible PST Migration
  • Use less expensive storage tiers for long-term archiving

With the Kopano Archiver older messages will be automatically moved to slower and thus cheaper storage. The slow storage consists of one or more additional Kopano Archive servers which sole task it is to store archived messages.

To activate the archiving function for users, they need to be coupled to an archive mailbox. The archive mailboxes will be located on one of the archive servers. The archive servers have exactly the same storage architecture as a normal Kopano server, all MAPI properties are stored in a MySQL database and all attachments are stored compressed on disk.

Although the older messages are stored on different servers, the user will not notice this as the Kopano Archiver provides transparent stubbing. Older messages can still be accessed from the main mailbox of the user, by using the (de)stubbing feature. Once a message is archived, it may be deleted from the original store. Kopano Archiver can create a stub to the archived message, allowing a user to view the archived message and open it as if it were a normal message.

The Kopano Archiver uses the Kopano’s multi-server technology to access archive stores in a seamless way using transparent user authentication. Nonetheless, the Kopano Archiver can be used in a single-server setup with limited functionality.

Kopano Archiver is an additional product to Kopano Core and is not provided as a default component.