10. Archiver command line

The following table describes command line arguments and options that apply to Kopano Archiver. Please note that if no command line arguments are supplied the same help information is displayed as that from --help.

Table 9.1. Command line

Option Alternative Type Meaning and usage
-u <name>   string Select the archive of user <name>.
-l –list n/a List archives for a specified user.
-L –list-archiveus ers n/a List users that have an archive attached.
-A –archive n/a Perform archive operation. If no user is specified all user stores will be archived.
-C –cleanup n/a Perform a cleanup of the archive stores attached to the user specified with -u. If no user is specified, all archives are cleaned up.
  –local-only n/a Archive or cleanup only those users that have their store on the server on which the archiver is invoked.
-a –attach-to <archive store> n/a Attach an archive to the specified user. By default a subfolder will be created with the same name as the specified user. This folder will be the root of the archive.
-d –detach-from <archive store> n/a Detach an archive from the specified user. If a user has multiple archives in the same archive store, the folder needs to be specified with –archive-folder.
-D –detach <archive no> n/a Detach the archive specified by <archive no>. This number can be found by running kopano-archiver -l
  –auto-attach n/a When no user is specified with -u, all users will have their archives attached or detached based on the LDAP/ADS settings. When a user is specified only that user’s store will be processed. This option can be combined with -A/--archive to force an auto-attach run regardless of the enable_auto_attach configuration option.
-f –archive-folder <name> string Specify an alternate name for the subfolder that acts as the root of the archive.
-s –archive-server <path> string Specify the server on which the archive resides.
-N –no-folder n/a Don’t use a subfolder that acts as the root of the archive. This implies that only one archive can be made in the specified archive store.
-w     Grant write permissions on the archive. This will override the auto_attach_writable config option.
  –writable yes/no Enable or disable write permissions. This will override the auto_attach_writable config option.
-c –config string Use alternate config file.
  –help n/a Show a help message.