2. Installation

The spellchecker plugin requires just a few simple installation steps to get it up and running. Follow the steps below to set-up the spellchecker plugin for all the users on your WebApp server.

More information about WebApp plugin support can be found here: ‘http://documentation.kopano.io/support_lifecycle_policy/webapp_support_lifecycle.html

2.1. RPM based distributions

Use the following command to install the Kopano spellchecker package on RPM based distributions:

rpm -Uhv kopano-webapp-plugins-filepreviewer_version_.noarch.rpm

Replace <version> with the correct version.

2.2. DEB based distributions

On Debian based distributions use:

dpkg -i kopano-webapp-plugins-filepreviewer_version_all.deb

Replace <version> with the correct version.

2.3. Dependencies

Php-enchant is needed to use the spellchecker.


Make sure the enchant module is enabled on your server


Php-enchant is not available in the official SUSE SLE-11 repository. Unofficial / unsupported packages can be found on the OpenSUSE website.

In the next chapter we will go into details on how to configure the spellchecker plugin.

2.4. Additional language packs

Language packs can be installed the same way as the spellchecker plugin. These language packs should be installed before you can use the spellchecker.

If you do not have language packs installed you will see the following message in the WebApp mail settings:

No language packs installed

No language packs installed