4. Usage

4.1. Enable the plugin

Once the plugin is installed navigate to the WebApp settings in your browser. In settings navigate to the plugin tab and click on the MDM plugin to enable it.

Do not forget to apply your changes.

Enable MDM plugin

Enable the MDM plugin

4.2. Overview of devices

To see an overview of your connected devices navigate to your settings and click on the MDM tab. In this tab device information is shown, your last sync and the device ID.

Device information

Device information

4.3. Wipe / Resync / Remove / Refresh buttons

One of the main features of MDM is to wipe your device. After clicking the wipe button a pop-up is shown to enter your password.


The wipe function will remove all data from your device. Caution is advised.

MDM actions

MDM buttons in settings

The resync button will sync up the information from the server to the device. The remove button will remove your device from the list. To get this device back in the list, you will need to remove your account from your phone and reconnect again. The refresh button will refresh the list of devices.