2. Installation

The MDM plugin requires just a few simple installation steps to get it up and running. Follow the steps below to set-up the MDM plugin for all the users on your server.

2.1. Dependencies

  • Z-Push 2.0 or higher (Kopano recommends the latest stable).
  • Php-soap is needed for the communication with the webservice of Z-Push.


In case Z-Push is located on another server you will need to add this information to the MDM config.php file. This config option is called “PLUGIN_MDM_SERVER”.

2.2. DEB based distributions

On Debian based distributions use:

dpkg -i kopano-webapp-plugins-mdm_<version>.deb

Replace <version> with the correct version.

2.3. RPM based distributions

Use the following command to install the MDM package on RPM based distributions:

rpm -Uhv kopano-webapp-plugins-mdm_<version>_.noarch.rpm

Replace <version> with the correct version.

In the next chapter we will go into details on how to configure the MDM plugin.