1. Introduction

Kopano Web Meetings is an extension package for Kopano. Kopano Web Meetings is a combination of a Kopano Core (KC) extension and Webapp Plugin that helps you to organize meetings from within your browser. You can use several communication options, like videocalls, chat, presentations, filetransfer and screensharing.

It enables Real-Time-Communication for all users on the ZCP platform. The additional communication features are video, voice, chat, screen-sharing, content-sharing and filetransfer. All functionality is integrated into the Webapp. A presence-service indicates if a user is logged in and ready to receive a call or a chat-message.

This document explains how a user can work with these new communication features.


Although we, Kopano, try our best to keep the information in this manual as accurate as possible, we withold the right to modify this information at any time, without prior notice.

1.1. Intended Audience

Any WebApp user using Kopano with installed Web Meetings extension package.