1. Introduction

Kopano Core (KC) is an open source software suite capable of providing a complete MAPI-based groupware stack with extensive interfacing capabilities. Its architecture is very modular, makes use of standards wherever possible, and integrates with common open source components.

Most components of Kopano Core are open source, licensed under the AGPLv3, and can be downloaded freely via Kopano’s Download Page.

1.1. Scope of this document

This manual is intended for users of Kopano Core.

This document, the KC User Manual, describes how to use KC from a user’s view point. It covers:

  • Outlook integration by using Z-Push and adding Kopano OL Extension for extra functionality,
  • connectivity with CalDAV and iCal enabled clients and
  • syncing with mobile platforms like: BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and iOS based devices.