7. Using Kopano Archiver

Kopano Archiver is a separate product that has to be installed and configured by the administrator. The Kopano Archiver can be utilised to offload old mails from the users mailbox into an archive mailbox (which can be a dedicated archive mailbox for the user). For the archiving process the administrator can define thresholds when messages in the users mailbox:

  • can be copied to the archive,
  • removed from the mailbox - while still retaining a reference to the message in the archive (stubbing),
  • completely removed from the mailbox,
  • completely removed from the archive mailbox.

7.1. How can I access a stubbed message?

Messages that have been stubbed can easily be identified by the user, since they are represented with a different icon Kopano WebApp. When opening such an object it is on-demand fetched from the archive store and displayed in the requesting client (Kopano WebApp, mobile phone via ActiveSync, Outlook via ActiveSync, IMAP client). The client may choose to cache the message locally (this happens by default for clients using ActiveSync or IMAP), but since the message stays in the archive mailbox it is not affected b any future server-side runs of Kopano Archiver.

7.2. How can I access a message that has been removed from my mailbox?

Administrators can configure direct archive mailbox access for users. If that is the case the archive mailbox will show up for the user, just like any other shared inbox.