3. Kopano WebApp Support Lifecycle Policy

WebApp follows a support pattern similar to that of Kopano Core. As a web application, WebApp is dependent on several third party components on both server as well as client. The following section of the Support Lifecycle Policy lists these dependencies.

3.1. PHP version support

One of the major dependencies is PHP, which processes the server side code of WebApp. The same applies to WebApp related components such as Web Meetings, Kopano Files and S/MIME. Newer versions of PHP contain bugfixes, new features and performance improvements. The tables below show the dependencies for each of the components.

3.1.1. Kopano WebApp

Product Version PHP 5.4 >= PHP 5.3 =<
Kopano WebApp 3.5.x YES NO
Kopano Web Meetings 3.0.x YES NO
Kopano Files 2.1.x YES NO
Kopano S/MIME 2.2.x YES NO

When cross-referenced with Linux distributions, the following distributions are supported:

Distribution PHP Version WebApp (latest)
RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 5.3 n/a
RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 with SCL for PHP 5.6 5.6 3.5.x
RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 5.4 3.5.x
RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 with SCL for PHP 5.6 5.6 3.5.x
CentOS 6 5.3 n/a
CentOS 6 with SCL for PHP 5.6 5.6 3.5.x
CentOS 7 5.4 3.5.x
CentOS 7 with SCL for PHP 5.6 5.6 3.5.x
Debian 7 5.4 3.5.x
Debian 8 5.6 3.5.x
Ubuntu 14.04 5.5 3.5.x
Ubuntu 16.04 7.0 3.5.x
Ubuntu 18.04 7.x 3.5.x
SLES 12 5.5 3.5.x
SLES 12 php7 7.x 3.5.x

Please note that only the PHP versions shipped with distributions are supported by Kopano.

3.2. Browser support

Kopano has a focus to remain compatible with the new innovations on browser platforms. For this, Kopano pursues a pro-active support policy and intensive testing on latest production versions of browsers.

The support definition below overrules any tabular overviews which are derived from it.


WebApp is supported for all production versions of Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Safari back to the production versions up to one year back. The most recent production versions of the browsers are intensively tested with each version of WebApp that is under primary or extended support. New production versions of Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge and Safari browser versions are supported with Kopano WebApp as of the next released Kopano WebApp minor version.

When applying this definition to the different browsers, the following versions are supported:

Browser support for supported Kopano WebApp versions

WebApp Internet Explorer * Edge (EdgeHTML engine) * Edge (Chromium engine) Firefox Chrome / Chromium / Iridium Safari **
4.x (released Q1 2020) NO 44 (released Q2 2019) > 78 (to be released Q1 2020) > 70 (released Q3 2019) > 78 (released Q3 2019) > 12.1 (released Q2 2019)
3.5.x (released Q4 2018) > 11 (released 2013) 44 (released Q2 2019) > 78 (to be released Q1 2020) > 70 (released Q3 2019) > 78 (released Q3 2019) > 12.1 (released Q2 2019)
3.3.x (released Q2 2017) > 11 (released 2013) 38 (released Q3 2016) NO > 46 (released Q2 2016) > 51 (released Q2 2016) > 9.1 (released Q2 2016)
3.0.x (released Q2 2016) > 10 (released 2012) 20 (released Q3 2015) NO > 33 (released Q1 2015) > 41 (released Q1 2015) > 8 (released Q1 2015)

* Due to lack of support of the WebRTC standard these browsers are not supported by Kopano Web Meetings or Kopano Meet. ** Safari is only supported on the Mac OSX platform.


Please note that new features introduced with WebApp 3.5.x such as signing in with OpenID Connect or the new Quill editor are not supported with Internet Explorer 11. Support for Internet Explorer 11 will be dropped with the release of WebApp 3.6.