4. Kopano DeskApp Support Lifecycle Policy

DeskApp acts as the bridge between WebApp and the desktop and it follows a support pattern very similar to WebApp and Core. It has a dependency to some features provided by the operating systems it supports. The following section provides an overview of the supported operating systems and their versions.

4.1. Kopano WebApp

DeskApp supports WebApp versions 3.0 and newer. Older versions are known to work but will provide a degraded user experience. Running an older version is not a supported scenario and we recommend you to upgrade to the newest version as soon as possible.

4.2. Operating systems

Supported versions of DeskApp are available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSx. The following table provides an overview of the officially supported and tested versions and distributions.

Operating system / version
Windows 8
Windows 10
Mac OS Sierra (10.12.x)
Debian 8
Debian 9
RedHat Enterprise Linux 7
Ubuntu 16.04
Ubuntu 17.04


Please note, only 64-bit Linux distributions are officially supported by Kopano. Advanced desktop integration features on Linux are supported out-of-the-box on Gnome and Unity. KDE installations require an additional plugin, provided in the repositories.


Short-lifecycle distributions (such as Ubuntu 16.10) packages are available under limited support as long as ‘Upstream’ provides updates.