6. Kopano 3rd party client software Support Lifecycle Policy

6.2. Support definitions of Thunderbird with Lightning + Mac Mail and ICal

The support definition below overrules any tabular overviews which are derived from it.


Core is supported in combination with the last 2 major current production versions of Thunderbird with the Lightning plugin; new versions are supported within 3 months of availability on the next released Core minor release.

Thunderbird with the Lightning plugin + Mac Mail and Ical version support against supported Kopano Core versions as of Q1 2016

Thunderbird/Mac versions Primary Support on Extended Support on
ThunderBird > 13.0.x + Lightning > 1.5.x Core 8.0
Mac Mail > 5 + Mac Ical > 5 Core 8.0

Please note that as the ICAL Standard in various ICAL clients is not implemented consistently according to public RFCs, the ICAL is supported complementary. Essentially this means that specific implementations can fail whereas other implementations do work correctly although fixing broken implementations would break already working ones. We welcome any support requests but can not guarantee to fix them as they could break existing functional environments.

6.3. Z-Push

Kopano’s Z-Push for mobile device synchronization is on an other release part then the mail Core Product.

Z-Push is supported as part of the Kopano Core for the below versions as of Q2 2016

Z-Push version Primary Support on Extended Support on Complementary Support on
Z-Push 2.2 Core 8.0
Z-Push 2.3 Core 8.0

6.4. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook can be connected to Kopano through ActiveSync (provided by Z-Push). To enhance the otherwise limited feature set of Outlook over ActiveSync the Kopano OL Extension (KOE) was created. The following minimum version apply for KOE + Z-Push.

KOE Version Z-Push Version Outlook version
1.0 >=2.3.0 2013 + 2016
1.1 >=2.3.2 2013 + 2016
1.2 >=2.3.4 2013 + 2016
1.3 >=2.3.5 2013 + 2016
1.4 >=2.3.7 2013 + 2016
1.5 >=2.3.7 2013 + 2016
1.6 >=2.3.7 2013 + 2016
2.0 >=2.4.0 2013 + 2016