1. Introduction

The Python language binding (python-mapi) provides a python interface to the messaging API used by Kopano, MAPI. The original interface is an object-oriented C++ interface, and the interfaces provided to Python are designed to be completely analogous to the C++ interface.

Since the interface is otherwise identical to thes C++ interface, this document describes naming conventions, calling conventions and other Python-specific constructs, but does not document the API itself.

For the Python-programmer’s convenience, we provide several examples on how to use the Python Bindings.

1.1. Target audience

This document is mainly targeted at C++ developers wanting to do MAPI scripting through python, and python developers who want to start doing MAPI development.

Also, general MAPI practices, hierarchies and properties apply to the python-mapi extension. You are assumed to have basic knowledge of MAPI and its object structure before reading this reference manual.