LibreOffice Online is a HTML5 based version of the popular desktop application. As an active member of the Advisory Board of The Document Foundation Kopano strives to extend the reach of LibreOffice. With the new packages being open source and publicly available, LibreOffice Online is now at the fingertips of millions of people.

By providing publicly available packages, contrary to running the code in a docker image, Kopano makes LibreOffice Online more accessible. Your experience with LibreOffice Online will help Kopano to further contribute to the project in areas of our expertise.

The LibreOffice Online packages are available both as community or commercial versions, where the community version includes a warning that it will be offered without support. The packages are fully compatible with the LibreOffice packages for desktop and built within Kopano’s Open Build Service environment. The latter enables Kopano to maintain their wide range of packages for various Linux platforms.