Getting started with Kopano Meet

Thank your for purchasing a subscription for Kopano Meet. If you encounter any issues setting up Kopano Meet, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support at

Running Meet as a container

To easily get started we are providing ready made container images for the individual components required to run Kopano Meet. These images can be run on a container platform of your choosing, you can find a configuration example for docker-compose at The below instructions required are at least Docker 17.06.0 and Docker Compose 1.19.0.

Download the latest version by executing wget -O docker-compose.yml Along with the compose file some configuration is required. For this you can either download an example configuration by executing wget -O .env or download our Meet setup script to create your own .env via wget -o && chmod +x && ./

Once both the docker-compose.yml and .env are in place you only need to run ´docker-compose up´ to fetch the images and start Meet. Once the containers have started up you can navigate to https://your-domain/ and be redirected to the Meet login.

The source of the container images can be found on Github. Please check there for additional documentation.

Using Meet

Meet can be used by navigating to https://your-domain/meet. To be able to hold calls with users in other networks a TURN service needs to be used. Kopano operates such a service for users with a subscription. Access to this service has been provided along with your proof of purchase.

Advanced installation

Kopano Meet is also available as packages for various distributions. Please check the Kopano Meet Manual for installation instructions.